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Verbal Abuse
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8 Apr 2010, 10:11
Let It Be
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You absolutely did the right thing. I wish someone had done this to my SIL when she was living in an apartment with my niece. I KNOW the neighbors probably heard similar things to what you hear, but the problem is too many people don't feel comfortable getting involved in these types of issues. You did what was best for that child, the mother needs to go through some sort of counseling to understand that use of that language towards a child is not acceptable. Who knows what other types of emotional abuse/neglect occurs? By the sounds of what you said, it doesn't appear there is another adult living in that child's house, and I'm sure the mother doesn't act that way anywhere else but her own home. If you hadn't reported this, it mostly likely never would have been reported. Kudos to you!! And it's probably best that you didn't personally talk to her about it....most people don't take too kindly to others criticizing their parenting. Not to mention, the same behavior would have probably continued, just in a quieter tone!
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8 Apr 2010, 15:01
♥ jes
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You did the right thing. People that are emotionally, verbally, physically & sexually abused grow up in a tough world. They'll continue to engage in abusive relationships because it's all they know.
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8 Apr 2010, 15:18
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Wow! I hope CPS can do something about it. Some people aren't born to be parents.
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8 Apr 2010, 16:45
HorrorVixen XO
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you did the right thing. that mom has issues. is she a young mother?
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9 Apr 2010, 00:52
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No, she's in his mid thirties from the looks of it.
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9 Apr 2010, 01:41
kid at heart.
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I think you did the right thing. Someone needs to be a voice for that little girl.
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9 Apr 2010, 03:55
Losing for Life
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As someone who had to deal with verbal abuse as a child...I say you did exactly the right thing! Kudos to you for standing up for this child who's mother is in my opinion unstable.
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9 Apr 2010, 10:24
Tam I Am
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Maybe when she starts up you could tape record the things you hear so that you do have proof of the things she says to her kid. That could help out your case even more.
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12 Apr 2010, 13:24
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Oh my i'm in this exact situation!
i live in a midterrence house (all houses joined together) and one mother on one side is a fucking bitch i tell you!
screaming, properly SCREECHING AND SCREAMING at her son. Swearing and banging things around all over the place. She's a monster. I've seriously concidered calling on numerous occassions but i just don't know if i should because i'ev not seen anything and she'll probably know it's me and is not a nice person so i wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her.
i don't know...
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12 Apr 2010, 16:52
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I would call. I work in a civvy role for the police and believe me, we dont treat these kind of calls as casual. SOmeone has to stand up for young children when their parents are pshcyo monsters.
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12 Apr 2010, 22:17
Lady Lazarus
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You definitely did the right thing. Verbal abuse such as what you have listed in your post is incredibly damaging to a child. Without a doubt it will stay with her far longer than any bruises would. I hope there is a happy ending for that little girl. X
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