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Pregnant Bloopers?
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20 Jan 2009, 12:01
.Blue Bella.
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Meeeeee :P
Due 21 June 09, we found out yesterday we're having a girl! :)

I also have 4 preg faves...
obviously you are one Mandy :P
♥ Nicki&Jess (due August I think)
MissIceFingers (due August I think)
♥Roz♥ (I think she's due in April maybe??)

I think thats it at the moment!
I know a few are trying! :P
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20 Jan 2009, 15:50
Miss Murder
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Omg I hope thats not an omen that im having 2 babies this year! haha. Had enough of being pregnant now, so uncomfortable, but only 3 and a half weeks to go [hopefully.....]
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22 Jan 2009, 02:30
Mark G
Post Count: 5
Is there anyone on Bloop who *isn't* pregnant?
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22 Jan 2009, 10:48
Post Count: 378
Yeah, me :P
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22 Jan 2009, 18:10
The Mama
Post Count: 51
I'm not :razz:
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22 Jan 2009, 16:01
Post Count: 58
Im due...any Well January 27th to be exact.
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22 Jan 2009, 20:26
Jenna bean....
Post Count: 40
Im not! thank goodness, but here on bloop i know 3 preggo people....
♥ jamie
Adria's mum.
The preggo Nippy(soon to NOT be preggo anymore :-D)

IRL I know ALOT of people preggo. I know 7 people preggo. 3 are on their 2nd child. BETTER THEM THAN ME! :-D
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22 Jan 2009, 21:03
Post Count: 9
I do not wish to be pregnant (right now at least), but congratulations to those expecting!!!

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