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Viva Las Vegas!
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17 Jan 2009, 19:43
The Ryan
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Dudes! I'm off to Vegas at the end of March. What must I absolutely make sure that I do there? (other than bankrupt myself silly at the casinos!)
And what will the weather be like at the end of March/beginning of April?
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17 Jan 2009, 19:49
- cynthia -
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i suggest the BEATLES LOVE show at the Mirage. very, very, very awesome show. worth every bit of money!!!!!
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17 Jan 2009, 22:23
- cynthia -
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wow, i thought this would be flooded with advice! i also suggest to just walk down "the strip" and take in the whole atmosphere. its seriously amazing to see. its like vegas is in its own world. i used to go for spring break a lot, and i dont remember the actual temperature, but we wore shorts, and swam in the pool. so, its great weather! :)
i enjoy casino hopping! you should go to Fremont Street which is "downtown vegas" its the original part of vegas, the 1st casinos, home of the actual $1.99 buffets! its kinda trashy down there, but you gotta see it!!
and.....HAVE FUN!
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17 Jan 2009, 23:20
something amazing.
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First of all, will you be renting a car? If not, you're going to probably stay only on the strip and downtown. If you had a car, I'd suggest checking out Red Rock Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Apparently, the Hoover Dam is interesting to you foreigners. :) If you're into clubs, there are plenty to choose from: Tryst and Pure come to mind mostly. If you're going to the clubs, you MUST bring dress pants and dress shoes. You can't usually get in wearing jeans and tennis shoes. Plus, if you're going with a bunch of dudes, you're pretty much stuck standing in line and waiting your turn. Also, another reminder is most people don't get to the clubs until like, midnight. There is no last call here in Vegas. :) Okay, what else, what else. OH! IF you see one cirque show, you've seen them all. Zumanity is probably the one everyone says is the best. The rest would be overkill. If you go downtown, we have quite the hipster scene down there. Beauty Bar, Bunkhouse, Icehouse, etc... very cool bar/clubs that don't play a crapload of hiphop. Hmm... as for weather, your guess is as good as mine. Last month it snowed 8 inches and today we have weather in the high 60s. March is usually warm, about 60s in the day, and the lows being 40s. Not too shabby.

To be honest, I really hate living in Vegas because it's not the greatest place for culture or locals. Vegas really is all about losing your money and getting smashed. BTW, prostitution is NOT legal in Clark County. If you want to go to the brothels, you have to go to the county over. lol. Not like you're looking for prostitutes... but you never know. :) I can't think of anything else really. Walking the strip is very popular. You can watch the Bellagio fountains, Mirage volcano, etc etc. If you like heights, you can go to the top of the Paris eiffel tower or the Stratosphere. I would say the Stratosphere because they will squeeze a ton of people in the little itty bitty observation deck at the Paris. I really can't think of anything else to babble about. Definitely spend all your money here. We're being hit the hardest by the economy, so every little bit helps! :)
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18 Jan 2009, 03:18
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I totally recommend the Mandalay Bay resort. My family stayed there in 2003 and it was AWESOME! :)
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18 Jan 2009, 03:25
Me, I'm Not
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Do what no other tourist does...actually look at the real town, not just the strip. I lived there for four years, and those were the best four years of my life. I think Vegas is pretty awesome. I'm going back this summer on my way up to Washington state. Check out the new casinos too. From what I hear, they're nice. Good luck and have fun!
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18 Jan 2009, 10:37
The Ryan
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Thanks for all the info guys! :D
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18 Jan 2009, 11:51
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say hi to Tommy and cokeadot while you are there. (hint: they live there)
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18 Jan 2009, 11:56
The Ryan
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Gosh I shall certainly be dropping in on Tommy for a spot of tea and conspiracy!
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19 Jan 2009, 19:12
annababe • •
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i went to Vegas in the last week of November in 2007. i stayed at the Flamingo. it was sweet =]
also, Hoover Dam is AWESOME.
the Bellagio water/music/lights show is beautifully done.

you'll probably get asked if you want a hooker. i was asked by some african american dude... not only was i 17, but i was pushing a stroller with a 2 year old in it. kind of creepy =/

have fun!!
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20 Jan 2009, 01:28
. Spoon .
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BLUE MAN GROUP ! and go to the strip clubs ! LOL
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20 Jan 2009, 17:36
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OMG i love vegas!!!! i'm getting married there in sept.
what hotel are you staying at?
i def recommend any cirque show, those are great!!! i absolutely love love love the restaurant TAO, and the TAO night club. look it up, it's at the venetian hotel.
the ghost bar i heard is cool, but it's hard to get into. you gotta dress nice to get into any clubs, and stand in line early or you'll wait all night. and it's better to have girls w/ you to get in the clubs.
obviously, you get free drinks when you gamble, and don't pass up the huge drinks. they have the margarita by the yard on the strip next to MGM and M&M world. it's like 12 bucks, but they give you tons of liquer in those drinks, same with the eiffel tower drink in the paris hotel.
there's also $1 margerittas next to jimmy buffets margarritaville. but my biggest advice is to spend the $12-$15 on the lrg drinks. otherwise you're gonna blow $3-$5 on 6- 8oz drinks, and the big ones are 32oz or more.
there's tons of topless shows too. kinda more "vegas style" like with the big hats. i saw jubilee at bally's, which was cool. my FAVORITE though was le femme. super classy, girls in point shoes. cool lighting. i'd see that again in a min. that one is at the MGM.
cuyote ugly at NY NY is cool too, a fun bar where girls take off their bras and throw them, and during the day you can buy tall drinks. cheap.
i recommend MGM buffet during lunch (try to see if you can get free coupon books at the concerge (sp) desk at all the hotels) they usually have buy one get one at the buffets.
if you're staying at one of the big hotels, i recommend bringing your own alchol to the pulls. it's really over priced if you buy drinks there. one 8oz frozen drink is $10. ridiculous.
anything else you wanna know just ask!! i've gone there pretty much every year since i was 16.
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20 Jan 2009, 17:38
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ha, i mean "bring your own alcohol to the POOLS not PULLS" i'm funny
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20 Jan 2009, 21:34
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you should definately hit hoover dam (its faster if you rent a car) and i love going to the tournament of kings.
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21 Jan 2009, 06:48
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Hey Ryan

Alot of people are suggesting what you should do. Heres what you dont do (trust me) Dont take your ex girlfriend to vegas, DONT get a hotel room with one bed, Dont let her pick the show you get to see(zumanity). Of all the shows that has to be the worst to see with an ex. On the other hand if you want a nice hotel room for a cheap price check out the Signature MGM Grand. and make sure you sign up for all the Players Clubs thats how they keep track of all the money you spent and give you free rooms and stuff. As for the other stuff DUDE your in vegas have a fucking good time
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21 Jan 2009, 14:27
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See 'O' at the Bellagio...absolutely amazing! And DON'T go see Phantom at the Venetian-it's a shoddy version of the original and I was beyond disappointed.

Take a helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon if you can. Go to the top of the Stratosphere and try not to bottle out of going on the rides like I did ;)

Vegas is awesome-I'm going again next month and I can't wait!
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