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Concert Woes
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18 Mar 2010, 16:41
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i would have loved to see modest mouse and broken social scene. :[
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18 Mar 2010, 09:15
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Worst concerts - A friends mum got us seated tickets to the Foo Fighters when we were teenagers, and the lack of atmosphere in our section just ruined it for me. Also, Placebo have ALWAYS disappointed me with the lack of crowd atmosphere - the band tells people to not mosh/jump etc, it's ridiculous (except at Leeds festival, where they were fucking fantastic!) Also, when I went to MOVE festival, I ended up in first aid because some crazy bitch kept elbowing me in the neck to try and get forward - I was crushed into the barrier, ended up with bouncers pulling me out so I wouldn't suffocate! Stupid cow.

Best concerts - The Horrors - moshing insanity in a tiny venue, I couldn't see anything except Faris's hair moving, but the atmosphere was electric, people clinging to each other to stay standing, I nearly lost my shoes.... not really a concert, but Glastonbury is the best music experience anyone could hope for. Beautiful atmosphere, healing mud, you go home feeling all zen and chill!
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18 Mar 2010, 15:57
Music God CJ Plain
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Like I said, Europe has ALL the best concerts and Festivals.
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18 Mar 2010, 18:33
Ashley Winter
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My favorite was probably a cross between Michael Buble and Britney Spears. Of course Britney lip synched, but the show she put on was amazing. I was so close to the stage, and the props and dancing was amazing. It was definitely an amazing concert. Michael Buble was amazing as well; I was farther away but he sang everything live. And because his voice is so brilliant, he sang without a microphone for a song, and the whole arena heard him. Plus he's just super funny, and Canadian which makes him 100 times better.

I also saw the Backstreet Boys, which was fun too but for personal reasons, not my favorite.

I wish I was around to see Michael Jackson in concert; that would have been the best thing to ever happen to me.
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19 Mar 2010, 00:23
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my best concert experience was my first concert i had ever gone to, three days grace, breaking benjamin and seether. i had tix to go and when i met up with my friends one of them had a surprise vip ticket for myself and her, so i gave my ticket to one of my friends who didnt have one( they knew the plan all along) and i got to meet Three Days Grace that was absolutely amazing!! it was also the night the red sox won the world series :) best night ever.

ive since seen Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin 1 more time, ive also seen 3 doors down, disturbed(amazing show) lacuna coil. killswitch engage, staind, hinder, flyleaf,red and jet black stare...ive yet to have a bad experience, except of course the wait in line to get good seats lmao
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19 Mar 2010, 17:22
Let It Be
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Was it the 2004 world series? I saw an Incubus show that night lol. Except I'm a Yankee's fan so the win didn't do anything for me ;).
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19 Mar 2010, 17:32
Let It Be
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Hmmm best....probably 30 Seconds to Mars. Jared Leto was totally amazing and I got everybody's autograph after. Jimmy Eat World was really good too but mainly because it was in the same venue as 30STM, which is really small and intimate, but really I'm not much of a fan of the band. Sage Francis was really good but the crowd sucked and I kept getting whacked with some crazy guys dreads in front of me. Still waiting to see Bad Religion, I know that's going to rule regardless of where I see them or how the crowd is, I'll just be in my own world of Greg Graffin heaven. I saw Dashboard Confessional when I was 15 and at the time, that was the best thing in the world :-p. Luckily all of my concert experiences have been pretty good, but probably the worst would be when I drove to CT with my boyfriend and his sister to see Green Day. We were in seats way far from the stage, and my boyfriend and I had just seen them a few months before, so that kind of sucked.
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20 Mar 2010, 07:22
Tam I Am
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I've only been to two concerts in my life and they were both good.

First one was in Oregon back in 05. I went to see Good Charlotte. They had Lola Ray open for them and both bands were really good. I'd still go see GC any time they play near me.

Wednesday night (St. Patrick's Day) I went to see Day of Fire, Nonpoint, and Cold in Little Rock. Omg that show was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Day of Fire was alright. I was expecting something else considering who they were with. Nonpoint was so friggin' hard it was outrageous! I will for sure be seeing them again in concert. Cold.. omg. They were the ones I wanted to see the most and through the whole show I just kept grinning like an idiot. Lol.
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22 Mar 2010, 10:04
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
As lame as I sound saying it, Good Charlotte put on a great show. They're made for the stage.
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21 Mar 2010, 03:43
Kelsey Lynn xox
Post Count: 150
i haven't really had any bad concert experiences. i've had a mixture of bad moments from different concerts. I remember for FOB, we were down in the pit and people kept pushing us and some drunk guys left and came back and they literally crushed me and my friends (i'm only 5'2) because they kept pushing us. An hour of michael jackson music before lady gaga..ughh. Almost getting smashed at incubus.

but best concert? its a tie between incubus and lady gaga. incubus because they are my FAVORITE band ever, in the world. the concert was outdoors, everyone was really into it, the sound was amazing, it was a beautiful night and i knew every word. also, when they left before the encore, for 10 mins there was non-stop cheering until they came back out, most amazing experience. and lady gaga because she had the most amazing production. several costume changes and set changes, it was pretty much like a musical. it was absolutely amazing (:
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21 Mar 2010, 16:46
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
the only issue i've ever had with concerts is the venue. festival hall is a friggen sauna. it gets quite hot in there so you have to have water with you. i'd hate to be in the mosh there. i've seen plenty of people pass out. i did have some dudes come and stand in the space in front of my front row seats for blink 182. as i'm only 5'1 it made it difficult for me to see so i told them to fuck off because i'd paid to be that close and they hadn't and if they wouldn't move i'd get them chucked out. i think they were surprised someone so much shorter than them was so fierce lol. i wasn't going to miss seeing blink for those asshats!
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21 Mar 2010, 16:48
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Yeah the last 2 concerts I went to the place was really hot. The music hall there is really old so if ppl are jumping around dancing the sweat will be pouring down. Sevendust's Lajon had to change shirts b/c he sweated through the 1st one and I have all these pics of Ryan from OR w/ sweaty armpits and giant sweat down his back. XD
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22 Mar 2010, 10:08
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
Best concerts: Foo Fighters, Crowded House (yeah yeah, I know :P), ACDC.

Worst concerts: Kings of Leon, and the last Grinspoon concert (haha on Saturday just gone).

Grinspoon was crap because they are pussies. When they hit their 3rd song, Phil STOPPED singing and stopped everything because the front barricade had broken. They then said to give them 5 mins to get it fixed. It took them half an hour to get toolbox and the crowd was ready to riot! I left about 15 mins after, because I got sick of fucking waiting and being shoved around by drunken idiots, and a group of people who decided to smoke next to us (clubs/venues in Aus are strictly no smoking). Was a disappointment.
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22 Mar 2010, 16:27
Post Count: 1010
No idea who Crowded House and Grinspoon is. XD When you were talking about it on facebook I was very confused. XD I thought it was a place or something. XD

Foo Fighters... god I love me some Dave Grohl.
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22 Mar 2010, 16:54
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Best, James Brown + RHCP at hyde park

Worst, smashing pumpkins, there was no support, they played for half an hour at most then stormed off stage and didn't come back!
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22 Mar 2010, 22:14
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o____O Did they at least explain WHY they stormed off the stage?!
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