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8 Mar 2010, 00:39
*Forever Changing*
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Most rapes are by people who know you. My step dad was not a sex offender and lived with us for 16 years, and it was after 16 years he began to sexually abuse me. You should be more worried about people who KNOW your child and not some sex offender down the street.
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8 Mar 2010, 00:52
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Yep, it could be by ANYONE... like I said, lol. But if you didn't notice, this post was triggered by an incident that happened here that was actually a sex offender that murdered someone. So yes, sometimes you should be smart about ALL aspects :P There is no wrong or right thing here, so it's okay!
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8 Mar 2010, 00:53
*Forever Changing*
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I know what the post is about, all I am saying is that I am going to be much more aware of people around my children. Of course I will be aware of strangers but its not strangers who pose the biggest risks in my opinion.
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