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switching options
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13 Feb 2010, 20:34
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I have a few diaries on my switch list that I want to delete.. I dont use them and dont want them on my list anymore.. how do I get them off? And no one has used the diary in a long time so writing the person who started the diary isn't really an option..
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14 Feb 2010, 18:29
*amour de bebe*
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Yeah I agree... I really need to delete one from mine too, I tried logging into that diary they manage my diary and switching options but I can't delete myself from the switch list :( :-/
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15 Feb 2010, 06:32
lithium layouts.
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Jessica's right. The only way to take a diary off your switch list is to manually log into that diary and delete yourself off their list.

And if you don't have the login information, then it's not possible. Can you contact the creator of the diary via their personal diary?

And, as far as I know, Steve is the only one who may have the capacity to remove diaries off switch lists. So if you wish to raise a ticket, address it to Steve. =)
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15 Feb 2010, 08:55
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I had this problem and raised and ticket and Doc took me off the switch list!
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15 Feb 2010, 17:50
*Forever Changing*
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It should just say delete next to the name on your switchlist, it does on mine, I just click delete and they are gone.
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15 Feb 2010, 19:08
Mary Magdelene
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If you were the one who gave access to your diary then yes, this is how it works. I understand the OP asking how to be taken off a switch that she was added to by another diarist, so it is different. In which case, there is no way to do it.
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13 Feb 2010, 21:46
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i think you have to login (or switch to them) and go in "manage my diary" and it's under the "privacy" tab and then "change switching options" and then delete your diary. does that make sense? haha. i hope that works!
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13 Feb 2010, 21:49
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nevermind, that didn't work! hahah. i guess i can't help you, sorry!
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14 Feb 2010, 07:51
& skull.
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there isn't an option. best bet is to ask a mod, and even they can't but they can let steve know. we should have an option that over rides the switching option in the case of dead diaries.
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14 Feb 2010, 10:37
Jessica [Private]
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To get them off your switch list without logging into the diary (that is, with the username, and password) there is no option. Mods will have to do that for you.

But if you do know the passwords, you can just go in there and remove yourself from the switch lists.
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