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prozac and topomaz?
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9 Feb 2010, 21:32
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yes, absolutely. i was sharing my experience with her with the medication, but i'm fairly sure that i too told her to do her own research and talk to her own doctor. i meant that it was nice to have your professional opinion but i would never take your word over my own doctor's. i would never take any stranger's advice via the internet over my own psychiatrist's. now that i've officially embarrassed myself in the forum, i shall leave. trust me, that's not what i meant. i'm sorry if it came off differently.
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10 Feb 2010, 01:03
ღ.Life With 3
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FYI.. I work for a doctor.. and even he constantly tells his patients that ask, "What are the side effects of such and such drug?" he tells them, "Honestly, if you read the side effects of Tylenol/Advil, you wouldnt take those either." Lol
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10 Feb 2010, 03:31
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2x's the love - right! everything has scary side effects! you're totally right. even tylenol and advil! lol
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10 Feb 2010, 03:30
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That's def. not what we were saying sweetie :) I wasn't at all trying to be mean. Health Care professionals have to be careful when giving advice. Seriously careful because if you give advice and it in any way is taken seriously that person can come back against you and sue you... They taught us that in like nursing 101 lol
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11 Feb 2010, 00:05
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I think each person who has any problem has to choose the medication that is right for them because each person will react to each medication differently. I am on Topomax for migraines. I am on Wellbutrin for depression/mood swings. I have taken every anti depressant on the market and Wellbutrin is the only one that had zero side effects. I also don't see any effects from the topomax except it helps with the migraines. I also take many forms of pain medication, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, neuropathy medication for physical pain from alot of damage due to a car wreck. I was always moody but became extremely depressed when dealing with the realization of my car wreck and the permanent damage that was done and the fact that I will always be in pain. Then when I got cervical cancer, my depression became misery. It was pretty rough for a while for me. So my doctor put me on all sorts of anti-depressants. Most of them - especially zoloft and lexapro - made me want to kill myself and made me even more sad. And Cymbalta gave me such bad headaches that I wanted to rip my head off. It was really bad.

Finally, Wellbutrin did the trick. It's really a good medication if you have the kind of chemical imbalance in the brain causing depression that I had. My mom also takes it without any side effects. My aunt takes effexor for her panic attacks and fits of rage, and my ex-boyfriend took that as well for his mood and fits of anger. I think that you have to find a doctor who will help you find the right kind of medicine for what's wrong with you - because what's wrong with you is most likely different from what's wrong with anyone what works for me may not work for you. But I am a big proponent of Wellbutrin because I have taken everything else and it has no side effects.

Good luck to you! I hope that you find exactly the right balance of meds for your problems. Everyone has problems, so you're definitely not alone.
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13 Feb 2010, 17:26
Acid Fairy
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Everybody reacts differently to medication. You must remember that. I'm on the BC pill Yasmin, but it gave my friend a fever. The previous one I was on gave me full blown anxiety that I still haven't been able to get fully rid of.
I'm on Metformin for PCOS and there are lots of horror stories about that. It's meant to help you lose weight, but it's just maintained mine. However, I have no side effects from it, so I can't knock it.

Everyone is different. Unfortunately the only way you will know if a drug is good for you is through trial and error.
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