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Superbowl XLIV
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8 Feb 2010, 06:30
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I dunno about you guys, but I only tuned in to see The Who. I didn't even care about the commercials. :P
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8 Feb 2010, 13:53
something amazing.
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I actually boycotted the Super Bowl for this reason. I love the Who and all, but I'm so tired of boring halftime shows. This season I've seen a player's bare ass, the Chargers kicker and quarterback mouth the words "what the fuck" and "that's bullshit", coaches flip out and flip off people and yet they refuse to have "racy" performers do the halftime show since the wardrobe malfunction. Ridiculous!
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8 Feb 2010, 19:26
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I think if you really "love The Who and all," you would've bit your tongue and watched it anyway. Rock legends don't deserve to be boycotted because they're not "racy" enough.
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8 Feb 2010, 22:09
Winged Centaur
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Beer commercials were good, Doritos was okay. But like, the E-Trade commercials weren't good, nor Denny's Grand Slam commercials.
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