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My Mind Was Blown....
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9 Feb 2010, 02:10
jessi bear(:
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my mind was blown when i was dusting my dad's bedroom when i was sixteen and i found his stash on top of the mirror.
i knew what is was because back then i smoked too, but i could not believe it was my dad's!
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9 Feb 2010, 18:17
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My mind was blown last when I found out that my dad had a kid two years before he and my mom had my older sister and me. Kaylee and I decided to find our half sister and we're planning on going up to Everette to meet her in a month or so. We've all been talking for a couple of months now. It's a damn strange feeling though.
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10 Feb 2010, 22:18
brooke !
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my last WTF moment was probably the whole thing going on with my mom right now; she's being completely unrealistic and it's stemmed from NOTHING.
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