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facebook vs myspace
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7 Feb 2010, 01:31
.Blue Bella.
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Facebook. I went through a stage where I flat out refused to get facebook, but I was young and stupid :P And my friends made the decision for me when they basically all abandoned myspace and went to facebook.
I find myspace is great for young emos :D LOL.

My layout also hasn't changed yet!
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7 Feb 2010, 03:01
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Haven't gotten the new layout on facebook yet, so we'll see.

But as for either/or, always facebook. I've had it for nearly 5 years now, will always be a facebook girl. ^____^ I don't think I've even signed into my myspace for like, 6 months now.... Whoops. XD I hate all the fucking pervs that're like "what up boo? we shud hang out, u hot." >___< Way too many ppl propositioning me on myspace when on fb I can just block them; though the random friend requests are way more few and far between on fb.

Although I will say this: when fb 1st started getting the games out, I played w/ a few of them... Now I use it for 2 things: pics and talking w/ friends. I don't do the quizes, I don't fucking do farmville... stop asking me to join your gd mafia... it ain't happening. xD
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7 Feb 2010, 16:02
HorrorVixen XO
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omg my mom is obsessed with farmville. to the point that she's taking her laptop with her when she goes to hawaii this summer!!
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7 Feb 2010, 18:26
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Holy shit. XD

I can't stand those games, I block each and every one of them. XD
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8 Feb 2010, 22:13
Winged Centaur
Post Count: 301
My facebook switched over to the new layout today. It's okay. It's mostly the same, except the notifications are more noticeable.
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9 Feb 2010, 14:11
lithium layouts.
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Unless you scroll down a notch, and then they disappear! I preferred them when they were always on-screen.
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9 Feb 2010, 21:35
Winged Centaur
Post Count: 301
You know, I had a very similar thought when I was on Facebook today. It think it should be like Bloop top bar (that shows comments and messages) that should be there no matter how far you scroll down.
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10 Feb 2010, 17:59
Elena Rosemary
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Ahhhh I have the new facebook and it's confusingggg xD
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16 Feb 2010, 00:12
I've had Myspace since '05, and I prefer it. I had a Facebook for about 6 months and signed into it maybe 3-4 times. It was way too cluttered for me, I hate the apps and shit. Plus, I use it for finding new bands... I've never been into the whole social networking crap. I don't constantly message or comment people, so I really have no use for Facebook. Everyone I need to talk to, I can either talk to in person, on AIM, AOL, Yahoo, Myspace, or I can text 'em. I don't like that you have to use your real name, it's a bit stalkerish to me.. they ask for a lot of personal information. By the way, for all of you who are complaining about the HTML on Myspace... have you seen half of the profiles on Bloop? People pick hideous color combinations on here, and you still love Bloop! ;p
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16 Feb 2010, 00:26
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ITT people don't realize you can get rid of all the shit that annoys you about Facebook. Which is the one and only reason why it is better than Myspace.
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16 Feb 2010, 03:20
Post Count: 79
I don't understand how myspace works at all. It almost made my brain ooze out of my ears the last time I was on that site. Gah
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16 Feb 2010, 03:24
Me, I'm Not
Post Count: 93
Myspace should die, I
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16 Feb 2010, 03:25
Me, I'm Not
Post Count: 93
I love facebook....
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16 Feb 2010, 04:18
Meghans Follie
Post Count: 433
I have both and use them about equally. My family is on facebook and its an easy way to keep up with each other. Myspace I admit I play acouple of apps on it. The one thing I do like better with myspace is once you block an app thats it. With facebook you can block an app but still get page requests and have to hear about the damn farm that someone has in their updates.
Myspace I use more for those friends that I talk to once in a blue moon but don't want to loose touch with completely... While facebook is the friends I talk to on a regular basis, want to know whats going on in their daily lives, and dont mind them knowing whats happening in mine.
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16 Feb 2010, 18:16
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I have both, but I mainly keep my MySpace to stay in touch with my one friend who does not have a Facebook. Othrwise I use facebook everyday because most of my friends and family are always on there and I have so many games I play on it. Helps take up my free time. I love facebook.
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25 Feb 2010, 18:03
Winged Centaur
Post Count: 301
Hey, so a lot of people on here have switched over to the new Facebook layout. So have I. At first I didn't like the notifications at the top of the screen, because I couldn't see them if I scrolled down (unlike before when the notifications were always at the bottom).

However, I have found that I actually check my notifications more often. See, we have the tendency to read from top left to bottom right. I use to not even look at my notifications cause my eye didn't naturally go there first. Now because of it's new placement I use it more often (and don't miss comments or anything). I do wish, though, that it would stay on the screen when I scrolled. I miss that.
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27 Feb 2010, 00:31
jessi bear(:
Post Count: 300
i agree with you on that.
what i hate is that my bookmarks can't be accessed from any page :(.
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26 Feb 2010, 04:29
Post Count: 16
Facebook..... because of FARMVILLE :) :) :)
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