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26 Jan 2010, 02:56
Post Count: 300
COLTS COLTS COLTS. since the giants sucked this season i'm all about the colts until next season.
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26 Jan 2010, 04:21
Post Count: 162
I've been a Saints fan all my life so I am extremely excited they finally made it to the SuperBowl, and I definitely hope that they win! They deserve to win. Drew Brees is a very good quarterback and the team is very cohesive this year.

And then Mannings might be from Mississippi, but they're really snobby and I've never liked them because of that. They come back every now and then for big events like this huge state fair we have here, and they are just total snobs. It is a real turnoff.
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26 Jan 2010, 15:04
Music God CJ Plain
Post Count: 550
The thought of this match-up makes me want to throw-up.

I DEFINITELY will NOT be watching the superbowl this year.
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27 Jan 2010, 03:31
Beautiful Lies
Post Count: 402
I'm with you on that one (I'm sure you know my feelings on this issue). Even though Favre fucked it all up at the end, with the way the fucking refs were... it should be the Vikings there... not that they deserved it though, with multiple people with fucking butterfingers. *scowl*
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26 Jan 2010, 19:41
Winged Centaur
Post Count: 301
I was hoping the Vikings would make it to the Super Bowl. See, purple is my favorite color.

Saints are a great team though, and I'm rooting for them now.
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27 Jan 2010, 03:18
Post Count: 90
I'm SOOOO glad the Vikings lost..I HATE them. Always have...always will. It was great to see Favre make stupid mistakes, shows he'd not the "God" everyone thinks he is.

As for who I want to win....I guess I want the Saints to win since it's the first time they have been to the Super Bowl and all. It'll be a good game either way though.
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28 Jan 2010, 03:11
*Forever Changing*
Post Count: 847
I dont think people think Favre is a God. He is however a legend and he always will be.
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28 Jan 2010, 02:22
Pyretta Blaze
Post Count: 6
Geaux Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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28 Jan 2010, 06:13
Post Count: 507
I don't really give a crap about either team. :P

Best of luck to them though and hope all their fans have fun too.
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8 Feb 2010, 04:09
*Forever Changing*
Post Count: 847
Haha, I was expecting a big ole show down on this thread, but alas, it wasnt that big...its okay its okay.
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