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Voting is open!
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17 Jan 2010, 19:49
~themed LIMS.
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Thats right, Bloopers, ~themed LIMS. is back open for another round and our contestants are in need of some votes!

We have an exciting round planned this time around, a technique LIMS. Instead of being focused on TV shows, movies, actresses, or models, we're focusing on techniques the contestants can use. Whether this be fonts we provide, textures, brushes, selective colouring, or using all black and white, we have a lot of great challenges lined up for you all to see! :)

Click here to go vote in our first challenge of our third round!

We, as well as our contestants, thank you =).
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18 Jan 2010, 02:04
lithium layouts.
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Ditto. xD
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18 Jan 2010, 00:20
Oprah Noodlemantra
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Voted... Bump!
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18 Jan 2010, 02:56
Spot the Difference
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18 Jan 2010, 11:52
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