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What is...
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13 Jan 2009, 22:26
omg it's jessica!
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I'm curious: What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you?

Pick just ONE thing, if you can!

yay for happy threads.

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13 Jan 2009, 22:49
Me, I'm Not
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The nicest thing anyone has ever said to me..hrm...I'm proud of you. That was the first time, in my life, my mother has ever said that. (After I had my daughter)
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14 Jan 2009, 02:35
Sypha Belnades
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"I'll fucking kill you and everything you love"
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14 Jan 2009, 04:03
& skull.
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that's a nice thing?
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14 Jan 2009, 02:39
Music God CJ Plain
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Nicest thing anyone has ever said to me was in a card my sons gave me just before Xmas...

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14 Jan 2009, 03:02
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That made me tear a little :-)
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14 Jan 2009, 03:21
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thats awesome
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14 Jan 2009, 04:00
& skull.
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that's adorable.
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15 Jan 2009, 14:39
Let It Be
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awwww :)
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14 Jan 2009, 04:02
& skull.
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probably my boyfriend telling me i was beautiful. i kinda scoffed and said i can accept cute, or maybe even hot but i didn't think i was beautiful. he held my face in his hands and said: "no, really. you are beautiful" bastard made me almost cry! lol. he was astonished no one had ever told me apparently. ok dear. lol.
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14 Jan 2009, 04:05
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"you are going to do so much for so many people. you have such a big heart."
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14 Jan 2009, 04:43
omg it's jessica!
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aw, i love these!

mine was a friend from last semester...we were killing time talking about nothing, and he suddenly wrapped an arm around me and asked if i knew how awesome i was. i thought he was kidding so i said yeah...then he said, "seriously, you're awesome, jess. you're going to make somebody really happy someday and it's going to be without any compromising of who you are." aw. it sounds weird's a total complement from that guy. lol. just stuck with me.

:D i wanna hear more! haha
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14 Jan 2009, 05:40
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When I was a senior in high school, a teacher I had was asking us at the end of the year what we thought the younger class would remember us for. It was a really small class, like maybe 5-7 ppl all together and I said I thought that everyone would just peg me as the girl who was 9 mo pregnant at graduation, I thought they would all catagorize me as never going to college and doing anything with my life. My teacher looked down at me and said, "Makayla, if anyone ever asked me about you, I will tell them this, that you are without a doubt one of the most genuine people I have ever met, you are strong, intelligent, driven, and have overcome alot of stuff some of us have never dreamed about going through. That you wore a smile on your face all the time and could make anyone laugh. I will tell them I know you will be a great mother who loves and supports her child through everything. I also will tell them that you weren't one of the ones who comprimised who you were to fit in. You were a beautiful person inside and out, and you becoming pregnant your senior year didn't take away a single once of respect I ever had for you." Like everyone in that room was like tearing up. This was my favorite teacher!
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14 Jan 2009, 19:36
omg it's jessica!
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wow.. that is the best compliment, i'm sure. that's amazing! :D
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14 Jan 2009, 19:46
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I was in middle school/early high school and my best guy friend wrote me a note saying how thankful he was for me and how much he appreciated me listening to him and helping him.. in one line he said something like "you are the strongest person I have even known.. please dont change" ... its stuck with me since even though he hasnt
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14 Jan 2009, 19:57
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Nothing comes to mind. And now I'm kind of sad. wtf.
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15 Jan 2009, 17:19
Lunar Sea
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"With all that you have been through, I am in awe of how much of a good person you are. Seriously, I'd be a bitter jaded cynic in your position."

Awesome thread.
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16 Jan 2009, 04:35
omg it's jessica!
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aw. i love that!

these are so heartwarming - i love it! :)
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