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the avatar effect
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14 Jan 2010, 12:55
lithium layouts.
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I looooooved Fern Gully. =D
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15 Jan 2010, 01:58
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Fern Gully = one of the best movies, ever.
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16 Jan 2010, 10:30
SugarNSpice Surveys
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That's what I thought too! I thought the movie seemed like Fern Gully. Lol.
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12 Jan 2010, 17:20
Meghans Follie
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Shame on bloop publishing my orginal comment twice! Anyway I have a feeling that this is nothing more then another version of "underground PR".. I mean really? People have been pushing for it to be the next titanic, the movie to rake in the most $ world wide and its been slow to do so all things considered. There was a news story the other day that the majority of its $ is from people going to see it more then once.

We went and saw it last week as a family in 3D. My 12 yr old was greatly unimpressed, my 8 yr old hated it. Its too long, I could of told you what the ending would be less then 1/2 way through it -exactly what it would be. Worthington's switching from his native accent to the american on constantly was nerve racking to say the least.

It can be said that its typical "white man VS ______ (enter any native people here)" movie, From native polynesians, to american indians to the tribes in south africa.

*shakes head* although I do agree, people seem to take the whole "escape into a movie/book/game" thing way too far these days - its nice to get away for a bit but reality calls and nothing is better then reality.
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12 Jan 2010, 19:48
Beautiful Lies
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You know, if you are really so depressed and upset at the fact that you can't visit a fake world and it makes you want to commit suicide so that you can be 'rebirthed' into this Pandora place... go ahead and do it. IT'S A MOVIE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE and you obviously don't belong on this planet.
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13 Jan 2010, 08:52
& skull.
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12 Jan 2010, 20:28
The Ryan
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People need to get lives!!! hahaha. Gosh, I liked the movie, but I'm glad I don't live in Pandora. All the women were quite ugly!
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13 Jan 2010, 03:48
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Lol, people are funny things.

Still havent seen it, prob wait till its our on DVD or whatever.
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13 Jan 2010, 15:20
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If people want to live like the Na'vi, they can. Move out of a city, grow your own food, recycle, give back to the land. I like fantasy a lot. I am a huge LOTR person. If Rivendell and Hobbitton were real places, yeah I would love to live there. However, I know they are not so I just read the books and watch the movies to enjoy them. I do hope the people who are depressed about Avatar get help. They need it. Hopefully, they can realize they can adopt some of the themes of the movie in their own lives and watch the movie repeatedly to enjoy Pandora.

Just as a side note, I think every movie can be offensive in some way. If you find it offensive, don't watch it.
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13 Jan 2010, 17:00
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Gosh, how hilarious, yo! People want to go to this planet and be chased by vicious animals with sharp teeth if they accidentally make a noise? Like, I'm pretty sure most of us would be eaten up our first night there. The only reason the hero of the movie survived was because those, like, dandelion clock spore things knew he was going to save them, and so they protected him, and told that girly to teach him how to survive!
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14 Jan 2010, 07:13
Winged Centaur
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At first I was like, who the fuck would commit suicide over a movie?

And then I was like, well it would be such a bad thing, cause anyone who WOULD commit suicide over that movie should die anyway.


Also, I doubt they'll be showing the sequel when we nuke Na'vi.
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15 Jan 2010, 12:31
lithium layouts.
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Want to see something that'll make you glad we live in our world? Watch The Island.
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15 Jan 2010, 14:14
& skull.
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love that movie. i think it was on tv tonight? yeah shit watch teminator or any zombie move and you'll be happy we're deadly robot and rotting reanimated corpse free.
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15 Jan 2010, 22:35
lithium layouts.
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Hehe yes it was on TV tonight (well, last night). xD It actually wasn't too bad. Loved the cinematography. The action sequences went on for like hours though. xD
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19 Jan 2010, 01:07
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i watched that! it was amazing.
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16 Jan 2010, 22:01
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crazy crackers
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