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Survey - Please help a fellow Blooper
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10 Jan 2010, 01:05
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My history teacher assigned a project at the very end of the semester. We have like four days to interview five people, something I can't easily do IRL. If any of you could help me out by taking the survey HERE you'd be my best pal ever.
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10 Jan 2010, 13:26
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Hey I have done hun. Hope its ok for you.

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10 Jan 2010, 18:46
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Thanks to everyone who commented! I got just enough for my project. :) You guys are lifesavers.

(I privatized the entry, btw)
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11 Jan 2010, 04:03
Meghans Follie
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so you dont need any more people? Damn and I am very bored at the m oment
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