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4 men openly molest girl at countdown party but
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5 Jan 2010, 17:41
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A woman clad in a bikini was openly molested by at least four men but no one came to her aid. This incident happened during the countdown beach party at Sentosa, Singapore.

View the whole article and the photos here:

I felt really sorry for this girl. There were thousands of people gathered there but none of them came to her rescue. All they did were snapping videos and pictures of her getting groped by men. Many people said she deserves it, because she chose to be there.
Imho this should not be happening anywhere, because no one deserves to be humiliated like that.

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5 Jan 2010, 18:20
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Let's recap.

The chick is wearing a bikini, standing in an elevated platform, perhaps a stage, dancing around and grinding up against ~4 guys, clearly drunk and/or on drugs (who knows?) and regrets it later, or perhaps saw the pictures later if she didn't remember at all, and is now claiming she was molested.

Let's feel sorry for her, guys.

Which is even stranger, because if she was giving off an aura that she was being unwillingly molested, she probably would have been saved. It just looks like she was dancing on a stage with guys groping her while others took pictures.
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5 Jan 2010, 17:51
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Seems a bit strange to just be wearing a bikini, in the majority of the photo's she is laughing and grinding up against the guys, even when they have their hands inside her bikini.
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6 Jan 2010, 02:12
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I saw a totally different picture. In most of them it looks like she is trying to get away from them. She is leaning away with one guy's arms around her hips & another one's arm blocking her chest from getting away. How could you tell she was laughing? All the pictures have her face smudged out.
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6 Jan 2010, 00:06
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Idk, I find it hard to believe that if she was screaming "stop, leave me alone, stop touching me, help" or something else similar, that NO ONE would come to her aid. Sure there's a shitload of ppl there who're drunk but I would think that one would have to be PRETTY FUCKING drunk to see someone getting molested and not help.

And surely she didn't go to the party alone? I know that if I was somewhere and w/ my girlfriends, guy friends, the SECOND I'd scream leave me alone, stop touching me, w/e, my friends, guys or girls (though guys more since I've got mainly guy friends), would on the assholes in a SECOND, tearing them away from me. Then again, I wouldn't be at a party in a bikini if it wasn't a pool/beach party.

So Idk.
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6 Jan 2010, 00:32
Acid Fairy
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The thing is, saying 'OH well she was in a BIKINI and she was DRUNK' is what juries think when they don't want to convict a man of rape. Even if she was acting like a dick, that still doesn't give any man an excuse to do what they did if she said no.

No means no.
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6 Jan 2010, 00:34
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I agree w/ you on that, 100%. I just can't really see her screaming no and the crowd doing absolutely nothing to help her, much less the bar employees in the bar.
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6 Jan 2010, 00:53
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I agree with Nik, yo, the reason I wrote my first response the way I did is because the entire thing seemed fishy. Nothing in the article reported her saying no, much less trying to fight the guys off. She simply looks like she's standing in an elevated stage area, drunk no less, being felt up by a bunch of guys while a bunch of other guys take pictures of here.

That's really, REALLY common in the night clubs here in South Florida. I couldn't imagine it would be any less common in places where they're a bit more lenient with this kind of thing.
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6 Jan 2010, 01:38
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I have to agree with most everyone. No IS no, however she does not even appear to be in trouble. And I just cannot see how a bar full of people, drunk or not drunk, would not step up if this girl was REALLY trying to get away.

I have a slight feeling and this is only what I think and could be totally wrong, but I think that she was drunk and just did whatever, felt bad later, saw the pictures and than said something of the affect of this article.

I also can't say much more because this is in a foreign country and I have no idea how the citizens of foreign countries act, etc..
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6 Jan 2010, 02:41
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This video shows a bit of the molestation, plus some reactions from the public. The page includes some clear photos, plus the video near the bottom (video plays immediately, so get ready to scroll!)

What I get from all that is that she was very drunk and unable to properly defend herself. Perhaps she was enjoying some of the attention, and it spiralled out of control and there she was, being gang-groped. She looks distressed in the photos, and her body language in the video points toward discomfort. I took into account what little I know of asian body language as well, and it still seems like she wasn't enjoying herself.

Also, she may have been dressed to impress, but I think she failed to consider the actions of all those drunk and horny guys. Hindsight's a bitch.
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6 Jan 2010, 03:08
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Pretty much this. It's just hard to feel sorry for this girl from what I've drawn from the story. She's on a stage in a bikini. I mean, it sucks, but is awareness from this kind of thing really absent from her society?
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6 Jan 2010, 03:40
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From the link Ajure posted, it was reported that the girl was probably a dancer hired to dance on the elevated platform.
Hence no one decided to help her?
Or maybe there were people who wanted to, but were stopped by their friends because they fear they would get into some trouble.

From what I know about my own country, many people would rather sit and watch when something happens.
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6 Jan 2010, 04:06
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the link says it's a beach party, so that would explain the bikini. and for some people, their first instinct isn't to scream and if she was drunk, she probably wasn't thinking clearly enough to scream, but more or less, just thinking, "i've got to get away from them." and from what i saw on the video, that's what it looked like.

to me, it isn't so much about the girl being drunk and in a bikini as much as it is about men taking advanage of her, not paying attention to boundaries and bystanders being unwilling to step up.
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6 Jan 2010, 10:23
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Even if she was a dancer, surely there are certain boundries - isn't it usually a rule not to touch the dancers?
To be honest, she doesn't look like she's grinding to me - she looks like she's nearly collapsing drunk. And yes - perhaps it was foolish of her to be in a bikini, perhaps it was foolish for her to get so drunk, but that really isn't an invitation for anyone to put their hands on her like that. It's disgusting.
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