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Nintendo DS Games
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31 Dec 2009, 06:37
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Rune Factory [It's a fantasy harvest moon series], Final Fantasy III, Chocobo Tales, Castlevania :: Portrait of Ruin, Princess Peach, and Children of Mana.
xD Of course, Pokemon too.
I am looking forward to the release of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.
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1 Jan 2010, 11:05
Jessica [Private]
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omg moar pokemanz? D:

I'm having a hard time with this one.
I'm spoiled by being able to google things, rofl.

Are gold/silver remakes of the original?

I totally tried finding princess peach at target today, and had NO luck. I'm quite upset by it :(

But I did get THEE cutest little carrying purse for my ds rofl.
It's got a back pocket for the charger, and a little zipping pocket for the games. I LOVE.
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1 Jan 2010, 15:46
& skull.
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me too. it'll take forever for them to released in oz i bet 8|
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1 Jan 2010, 11:07
Post Count: 571
Disgea DS.
Epic RPG game, upgrade all your minions and weapons... the game could literally go on for ever. 400+ hour worth of gaming.
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1 Jan 2010, 16:42
Post Count: 210
I just got a DS also, and love it.
I just picked up Burger Island, since I like the restaurant games, and its addicting (for me at least).
I also have World of Zoo, which has the cutest animals, and Super Mario Bros and Brain Age 2.
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1 Jan 2010, 21:44
Post Count: 89
Kingdom Hearts 358/2days, harvest moon
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2 Jan 2010, 01:19
Post Count: 885
I really like my Cooking Mama games, Professor Layton, Trauma Center: Under the Knife, and of course Mario Kart!
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2 Jan 2010, 06:52
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
What exactly IS Cooking Mama?
I've never heard of it rofl.
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2 Jan 2010, 17:50
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Well, it's a cooking game where you get to pick what dish you want to make and then you have to follow mama's instructions. It's actually pretty difficult in the more advanced dishes!
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4 Jan 2010, 15:44
- misseriin*
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I LOVE Cooking Mama. Its my favourite!
And I agree with Lauren, some of it is HARD! But overall its super fun. I recommend Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop
I also love Rhythm Heaven and Scribblenauts.
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