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26 Dec 2009, 08:47
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I just joined! So for all of my faves/friends and bloopers that are mommies I'd love to have you join! Let me know your username. I'm fairly new to the community so you might have to tell me how to add you! ha ha.

Mine is: WallsFamily
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26 Dec 2009, 08:55
*Forever Changing*
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Im signing up, thanks for the link :)
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26 Dec 2009, 13:02
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motherhood-is-life ive been a part of that community since i was pregnant with my first son, so almost 6 yrs now, you'll meet amazing ladies on those boards believe me.
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28 Dec 2009, 18:37
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I've been on babycenter since I became pregnant with my first son as well. So it's been over 7 years. I love it there. :) My name on there is LittleKitty.
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29 Dec 2009, 08:01
♥ Bella
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Mine is scstinar but make sure and be careful because they have a virus right now on their boards they haven't found and gotten rid of. If you look there is a few threads on it. I got it and had to find it and get rid of it.
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