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birth control question...
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10 Dec 2009, 01:50
& skull.
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yeah i have no idea why my doctor said don't. but she did. so i never did. not that my boyfriend was ever really interested in having sex with me when i was on my period anyway, but it is good to know now haha.
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4 Dec 2009, 23:27
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Wherever did you get that idea? As long as you've taken your pill correctly for the previous 21 days you are still protected during the week off. But missing a pill at the start or end of the week off puts you at a higher risk of getting pregnant.
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4 Dec 2009, 07:50
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Is this your first month with the new pill? It takes a couple of months for the body to adapt to the change. I had my period for two weeks when I changed pills. So many things effect when you're period comes. If it still comes late then it's still good.
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4 Dec 2009, 09:17
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The same thing happens to me with my monthly. My doctor said it was nothing to worry about.
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4 Dec 2009, 12:57
Mojo Jojo
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I was on loestrin and just bled constantly. On Microgynon, I started bleeding on the 3rd day and stopped on the 7th. As long as it's regular, I wouldn't worry too much. Could be that your body is particularly sensitive to that hormone mix so the hormonal withdrawal doesn't happen til later than usual. Some people don't get withdrawal bleeds at all - they aren't periods, just your body reacting to the sudden lack of hormones.
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4 Dec 2009, 15:28
Finally Mrs. Bailey
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I haven't had that problem, I'm on Aviane 28 and I always get mine no later than Wednesday of the inactive week.
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4 Dec 2009, 23:02
Oprah Noodlemantra
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I'm on Aviane 28 as well, and my "week" starts on Wednesday, and I always get mine on Friday or Saturday of the inactive week.
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4 Dec 2009, 22:33
Winged Centaur
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Yo, is it true that you're not "as protected" during the placebo week?
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4 Dec 2009, 23:32
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No. I posted a link on the previous page.
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5 Dec 2009, 05:40
Ice Vampire
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I am on orthocyclen, and I dont actually start until 3 4 or even 5 days into the sugar pills... all the days leading up to it i still feel like crap, but im not actually bleeding yet until later, or if i do, it's extremely light... until i start then of course its back to the way it was before i was on the pill. -_-
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5 Dec 2009, 18:00
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this doesnt have to do with this, but i figured it would get looked at more here than anywhere else.

why doesnt anyone ever go into the chatroom anymore? do they still do trivia anymore?
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5 Dec 2009, 18:57
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I don't think it works properly.
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9 Dec 2009, 17:49
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I got told that if you miss a pill in your first week, you arent protected and not to have unprotected sex for the next seven days, then resume as normal. if you miss a pill in the second week..even two, youre protected.. and you dont have to use anything. then in the last week youre still protected but not to have your break, go straight onto another pack.

you are still protected in your week's break, thats what the leaflet says, just have to make sure you start your next pack correctly on the right day.

also, my leaflet has said that as long as you take your pills correctly, if you miss a period this is normal and not to worry. although personally, id freak out and take a test anyway..
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9 Dec 2009, 18:53
Acid Fairy
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Yeah that's correct. Basically, whatever the leaflet in your pill packet says - go along with that!
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