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10 Jan 2009, 00:43
Acid Fairy
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What's the weather like where you are, right now?

According to my little Vista side bar thingie, it's currently -5 (celsius) here (just north of Stratford-upon-Avon, England), at 12.42 am. Really foggy. Hoping for some snow but it hasn't been forecast :( We never get enough snow here. I want to be snowed in, that'd be awesome ;D (We have loads of tinned food and a log burner, we'd do great!)
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10 Jan 2009, 00:50
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Where I am in Tennessee (also according to my Vista side bar) it's 37 degrees F. It's very wet outside.. and windy. I don't like wet, cold things!
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10 Jan 2009, 05:06
Post Count: 507
About 72 degrees outside at the moment... 11PM in Houston, TX.
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10 Jan 2009, 16:31
*amour de bebe*
Post Count: 235
Currently -4 (C) here in (Essex) England. Was -7 last night at 11pm, I'ce never know it to be that cold before.
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10 Jan 2009, 23:46
lil mama;*
Post Count: 2
right now its 25 degrees farenheit and snowing in a nyc suburb. 6;46pm.
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10 Jan 2009, 05:35
Post Count: 59
Im in Perth Aus, a nice 34, going surfing tomorrow morning :D
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14 Jan 2009, 11:40
Post Count: 132
such a magical place to live :)
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14 Jan 2009, 11:59
Post Count: 59
Damn right, hey u seen that ferris wheel at the foreshore? Dnt think I like it!
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10 Jan 2009, 06:39
Post Count: 308
Kelowna, BC, Canada at 10:37pm. Currently cloudy, 4 degrees Celcius (39F). So warm!
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10 Jan 2009, 06:42
Beautiful Lies
Post Count: 402
13 degrees (F) in Minneapolis (it's also almost 1am) with a windchill of FOUR DEGREES! It's a fuckin' heat wave! ;)

Oh and for those outside the US thats like....-10 C? Whatever, it's below freezing, it doesn't really matter. it's cold :(
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10 Jan 2009, 06:46
Post Count: 308
It's not cold til your nose hairs freeze. That doesn't happen til about -20 (-4F). :P
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10 Jan 2009, 07:38
Beautiful Lies
Post Count: 402
lol. I know, thats why we're having a heat wave ;)

I'm sure that my nose hairs might freeze by the end of next week.
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11 Jan 2009, 18:08
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10 Jan 2009, 07:31
Minda Hey Hey™
Post Count: 330
No one cares about where you live, whore!
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10 Jan 2009, 09:49
Post Count: 260
Here in Melbourne (Australia) it's like 17 degrees...clear sky right now....It'll be around 24 degrees tomorrow.
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10 Jan 2009, 16:22
Tam I Am
Post Count: 311
Right now in the big ole town of Magnolia, Arkansas it is 47 degrees and mostly cloudy.

Last night on the drive home from work I had my windows down because it was a balmy 60-65 degrees at 12:20 am.
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10 Jan 2009, 17:03
Post Count: 2651
7 degrees, wet and windy in Dundee, Scotland.
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10 Jan 2009, 17:17
Post Count: 1096
0 degrees anc cloudy in grantham
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10 Jan 2009, 19:04
Jenna bean....
Post Count: 40
Right now its 72 Degree Fer. The high is suppose to be 74, here in Jacksonville, Florida. It's spring for the next few days, but in Feb we will have a few days with highs in the high 30's and low 40's. The whole month usually is chilly.
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10 Jan 2009, 23:28
Post Count: 137
48 degrees F in Hendersonville, NC (that's western NC). It's been wet lately, and they're calling for snow tomorrow :-D
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11 Jan 2009, 01:05
Post Count: 53
Just outside of Toronto, Ontario, at 8pm, its about -10 (C) with a windchill of -17(C) , snowing, and very windy! We're supposed to get 15 or so cm's tonight, and we've already shoveled today! I'll send snow to whoever wants some!
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11 Jan 2009, 04:04
Post Count: 15
crazy cold. idk the temp all i kno is i have goosebumps. SNOWY and SLIPPERY and ppl are acting like they forgot how to drive ^_^
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11 Jan 2009, 05:31
Aloha♥Nui Loa
Post Count: 34
well right now its 7:30pm in Volcano, Hawaii on the Big Island....and it's voggy -no, not foggy...vog =Vog is a portmanteau of the words "volcanic" and "smog," and a volcanic smog is formed when sulfur dioxide and other gases emitted by an erupting volcano mix with oxygen and moisture in the presence of sunlight. The term is most often applied to the island of Hawaiʻi, where the Kīlauea volcano has been erupting continuously since 1983. Kīlauea emits an estimated 2,000 tons of vog every day. ..... - and it's about 75 Degree Fer. :)
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11 Jan 2009, 08:42
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
19.2C in melbourne :)

or 66.5 F
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11 Jan 2009, 12:07
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
In Maine right now it is 14 degrees F and SNOWING :(. and I hate everyone in this thread who has nice weather! Here I go to shovel my way out of the driveway and drive 20mph the whole way to work. If my car even starts lol.
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