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Yet another car question
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25 Nov 2009, 07:09
Tam I Am
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So it appears there is water in my oil yet again. I think this stupid truck is more trouble than it's worth so I'm looking for a car.

What kind of cars do you guys drive and what's the typical gas mileage you get?
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25 Nov 2009, 07:15
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A hybrid. It's worth the money.
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25 Nov 2009, 08:44
Talk Nerdy 2 Me
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I drive a Honda Prelude. It's great on gas, reliable, never breaks down, it is cute as hell, & it has balls (for a drive -around -town sports car). Street racing is fun!!! VvvrrOoOoM !!! :P
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25 Nov 2009, 07:15
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I drive a Vauxhall Corsa, but I'm pretty sure you don't get them over there. I think my mileage is something like 35 miles/gallon. But our cars are generally more efficient than American cars. :P
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25 Nov 2009, 07:25
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That's cuz y'all dun get all sexed up over oil like them thar Amerikuns. :/
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25 Nov 2009, 08:27
Post Count: 21
We drive a mustang. Shitty shitty gas mileage. Everyone will comment that they love your car in the summer and look at you like your crazy in the winter. Yes, it's a convertible. Nice car but definitely not family friendly.
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25 Nov 2009, 08:31
Beautiful Lies
Post Count: 402
Chevy Malibu. About 21 mpg. I love my car.
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25 Nov 2009, 08:38
Post Count: 308
I taketh ze bus. I can't afford a car. And I don't have my license. Someday in the (hopefully not too far) future, my boyfriend and I will buy a new car. We've been most interested in the Smart FourTwo, which gets somewhere around 40 mpg city.
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25 Nov 2009, 11:23
Post Count: 377
Chevy Cobalt 29-31 mpg. I use the highway a lot, which brings it down, but I still manage to get 29 on average. It's a great car, not the best, though. I agree with the hybrid comment.
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25 Nov 2009, 12:29
Simply Mom
Post Count: 85
I have a Grand Am GT and i get city18-21 and hyw 25-28 mpg. depending on what you are looking for i'm sure you can find something good on gas for cheep. Most Corollas and Camreys get amazing mileage. Im kinda like a car nut so if you want some help you can ask me.
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25 Nov 2009, 14:28
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
I just bought a 06 Honda civic and I love it. I almost dropped to the ground when I filled it up the first time and it only cost $25 dollars lol. Of course that is because it has a small gas tank, but it does get great mileage. My boyfriend and I share it so it gets driven a lot, but before I had an old saab and he had a Ford f150, so compared to that it feels like we spend nothing on gas now.
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25 Nov 2009, 14:32
.Broken Angela.
Post Count: 114
I have a Chevy Cavailer its 98 model gets good gas mileage but i dont ever keep up with it..its a good small car.
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25 Nov 2009, 14:46
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I drive a 07 model Grand Prix! I love it. The gas mileage is really good as well. I'd say I get around 25-30 miles per gallon on average. Sometimes less, sometimes more depending on where I drive. Keep in mind I live out in the mountains, so if you live in a city or a flatter area you will probably get even more than I do.
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