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Who is your fave Blooper?
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24 Nov 2009, 02:50
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Here is a thread to express warm fuzzy feelings to your fave Blooperz! You may declare your love for them, tell them why they are so great, or write an ode to them.

Here is my ode to Botty:

I do love Botty
She's my partner in crime
She's a hardcore hottie
And she yo's me all the time

Bot gets very vexed
If I'm absent from Bloop
She'll send me a text
Whilst I'm doing a poop

She posts in the forumz
With bummers and yo's
She mocks all the morons
And laughs at the ho's

She's not good at blooping
She never updates
She's too busy pooping
And drinking with mates

Good Bot does the staff role
For which she was hired
She makes no rood polls
And she never gets fired

Yes, I do love my Botty
Her Bottiness is great
She's Bloop's greatest hottie
And a jolly good mate

Gosh, yo! I am impressed at my poetical endeavours! Now everyone else must post odes to their fave Bloopers!
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24 Nov 2009, 02:56
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24 Nov 2009, 02:57
Post Count: 751
You have way too much time on your hands. :P

But I couldn't pick just one blooper I liked the most. I love all my faves!
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24 Nov 2009, 13:26
Post Count: 1779
Gosh, is the poor Estella being chastised for writing such an artistic and heartwarming poem?! Like, would you have told Shakespeare or Milton that they had too much time on their hands? How rood to stifle my artistic genius in such a way!

And, gosh, clearly you do not love your faves as much as I love Bot because you haven't written an ode to them! :P
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25 Nov 2009, 01:39
Post Count: 377
Shakespeare clearly DID have too much time on his hands. How much writing did he get done in the short period of time he was alive? :-D
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24 Nov 2009, 13:09
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
I am my favourite :)

After me though it is you and Ryan of course!
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24 Nov 2009, 13:28
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Well, then, write an ode to yourself, and then an ode to me and Ry. Gosh, I should do an ode to Ryan too, but I used up all my artisitic genius on my ode to Bot!
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25 Nov 2009, 00:09
*~Loving You~*
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All my fave is on the fave list! Lol I can't pick 1 I suppose aspring boxer cuz she's my best friend irl as well she was the 1 who got me into bloopdiary back in 04ish
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24 Nov 2009, 04:25
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lmao that is so cute ;D
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24 Nov 2009, 11:11
.Blue Bella.
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I like all my faves!

But Laura is my favourite fave.
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25 Nov 2009, 02:15
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24 Nov 2009, 13:16
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
i love all my faves, but an empty frame is my fave fave. lol. we can talk about anything. and i mean anything ;D
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24 Nov 2009, 13:27
Post Count: 1779
Write an ode to Empty Frame, yo! I like Empty Frame!
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25 Nov 2009, 01:57
Post Count: 425
I have to say too I don't have just one fave bloop. I love my faves!
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