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FU Friday!!
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9 Jan 2009, 13:24
Post Count: 180
FU for having to be awake at an unGodly hour!
FU for not enough money to go out this weekend!
FU for being on a bread free diet!
FU for just the sake of saying FU!!

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9 Jan 2009, 14:47
Post Count: 123
FU school
FU people who think they can talk to whoever however they want
FU stuck-up bitches
FU chad for gettin her pregnant
FU for not being able to make up your damn mind
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9 Jan 2009, 14:39
Post Count: 16
FU stomach bugs
FU weather for being ridiculously cold
FU stupid, annoying goblins ;D

thank god it's friday though, bring on the weekend !
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9 Jan 2009, 14:53
Post Count: 15
FU for not giving me a reason to trust you
FU having no milk in the fridge to eat my reeses puffs
FU cold bedroom for making my fingers freeze
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9 Jan 2009, 17:55
JuSt BrEaThE..oO
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FU school on Monday!!
FU financial aid paper work!!
FU world for making me need money!!

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10 Jan 2009, 01:36
Post Count: 34
FU for canceling our 3pm appointment after I went 2 hours to get to it
FU for making me be on a 9pm conference call on a Friday
FU for treating me horribly for eating because my blood sugar is dropping
FU for being nice in my face and talking shit behind my back
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10 Jan 2009, 05:30
Post Count: 59
FU for my phone bill being $150
FM for being a fool and taking my Iphone in the toilet
FU for internet on my phone and checking bloop all the time
FU for lack of toilet paper.
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10 Jan 2009, 14:05
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10 Jan 2009, 18:03
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
FU irritating cough!
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