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20 Nov 2009, 05:56
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Oh, migraines, how I love them.

I tend to get sinus headaches, which quickly lead to migraines if I don't take painkillers right away. I actually keep a small bottle full of acetaminophen+codeine at work just in case. Strong perfumes wreak havoc on my system, and working at a kiosk just outside the Lush store makes for a very, very long shift. Outside of work, I get them randomly. I had one last night, actually. Started behind my right eye, and spread to the whole right side of my head. Kept me awake half the night. :/
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20 Nov 2009, 08:16
Winged Centaur
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I've only had one migraine in my entire life, and it was possibly the worst pain I have ever felt. I remember the exact date too, because it was the day we left Canada. My sister's stupid pet birds had to go through customs, and I fell asleep in the car with the sun beating down on me. It was the peak of summer. I slept like that for 3 hours, and my head hurt when I woke up, but for the next 12 hours driving through the states, it just got worse and worse.

It lasted into the next day when simply moving my head made me cry and light and heat made my head split in two. I mean, never before and never since have I felt nearly anything as painful as that one migraine.

My aunt has chronic migraines. Florescent lighting triggers them (among a hundred other things), but she can't go anywhere with florescent lighting. I can't imagine having that pain all the time.
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20 Nov 2009, 11:36
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Weirdly I get the migraine aura, but not the headache. I get them when I'm hot or dehydrated or stressed. Usually only once every few months, and I just get the zigzag lines across my vision which get gradually worse over about 30 mins then go away. I get a very slight throb of a headache, but I've never had a full blown migraine headache. I think I've had them ever since I was a kid as I remember feeling as if I was going blind once while sitting in class in primary school, but I was too scared to tell anyone. It was only when I started getting them regularly during my final year med school exams that I self diagnosed myself!
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20 Nov 2009, 11:42
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And the last one I had was the other day due to the fact I had to spend 2 hours in an operating theatre in extremely hot swine flu protection (gowns, gloves, visor and ridiculously tight facemask). It was too hot, and the situation was stressful. But it was extremely inconvenient to not be able to see properly when I was supposed to be working. :P
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20 Nov 2009, 12:00
Mojo Jojo
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I get cluster headaches, which are not the same as migraines, but absolute agony. People don't tend to understand them, thinking they are either a form of migraine (which I don't think they are) or that I'm being a wimp about normal headaches, so I tend to keep them to myself.
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20 Nov 2009, 13:12
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I have only had about 5 migraines in my whole life. I remember the first one when I was about 14 and I just laid in my bed with the lights off and a dark sheet covering the windows. I have gotten two recently which wasn't as bad as they usually are. I hate the aura thing, I get it like when you look at something too bright and can't see for a second. I usually take some tylenol and lay in bed with no lights or sound and fall asleep. That seems to be the only thing that helps and I have noticed I get them right after I woke up.
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20 Nov 2009, 18:43
.Broken Angela.
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I get them in high school they were really bad..but it was from stress.
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21 Nov 2009, 00:04
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I have them a couple of times a year - the first time, I was scared I was having a stroke, and I'm not being dramatic - I lost feeling in one side of my body, my arm wouldn't work, I was slurring and staggering... the aura made it feel like things were jumping out at me if they were bright, too. Definitely not just a bad headache. The head-squeezing thing sounds ok, I find if I lie on the bit of my head that hurts the most, it helps - or if i press a pillow against my head. I think sleep deprivation and stress trigger them for me.
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21 Nov 2009, 16:03
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Thankfully I don't get migraines too often. I do get them around four times a year, and they're HORRIBLE. The last one I had was last month and all I could do was lay in my bed with the lights off and a cold rag on my head (for the nausea), but even still nothing helped. I ended up taking a pain pill I had leftover from a previous surgery, which didn't help me AT ALL. I'd taken everything in the book (Tylenol, ibuprofen, Aleve, Excedrin, and then to the pain pill) and it just didn't go away. I ended up throwing up (mostly stomach acid because I wasn't able to eat) and then after about 10 hours of it, I fell asleep. I also hate the after migraine headache that you have the next day, too :/.
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24 Nov 2009, 01:16
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i'm lucky and i've never had one, but my friend gets them and he is out of action for whole days at a time, yo! it sounds awful.
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21 Nov 2009, 16:04
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There are different kinds of migraines. Oliver Sacks has written a really interesting book on them (which I totally haven't read yet - gosh, I should read it, yo!). They are a kind of neurological disturbance. Some people get auras with them - migraines are divided into classic migraine and aura migraine, but there are other odd types too. I read once that some people get a feeling where they hand feels like it's really big - and gosh, I've had this feeling, yo! It is the weirdest feeling. I do not get regular migraines, but I guess I get things which are neurological oddities. I've had the paralysis thingy a couple of times, and the doc thought that was a migraine - but at the same time, the docs can't always know for certain. There is much unknown about the brain. Like, it would totally depend which part of your brain that the migraine affects too. There are some people who have predisposition to migraine, so they get them a lot, and others who will only get them once or twice - like as a result of some extreme stress or something. Certain things like fluorescent lights can trigger migraine. You can also get migraines with your period - like the hormones affect it. Some people get sickness and diarrhoea with their migraines. I am now looking in the Oliver Sacks book and I discover that constipation can cause migraine too - gosh, everything comes down to poo, yo! ;D
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22 Nov 2009, 00:11
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I've just started getting them this year. I have headaches really often, migraines are so much worse. Nothing in particular seems to cause them, but my vision gets weird and blurry right before I get one, so I can make time to lie down and take something for it. I even saw a doctor about it. He said that there isn't much that can be done for them. But there is medicine you can take when you start having the warning signs of a migraine.
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22 Nov 2009, 02:54
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Ughh I usually get at least one migraine a week, but most of the time about three a week. I HATE them. I started getting them since I had a condition called Pseudo tumor cerebri about three years ago, (spinal fluid accumulating in the meningies (sp)) It was WORSE than any migraine I had ever had in my life. So yah, I'm trying to control my diet and eat less preservatives and less nitrates, but I still have no idea how to get rid of them.
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22 Nov 2009, 15:45
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I get migrained as well. My triggers are usually stress or lack of sleep. My 7 year old was diagnosed with having migraines as well. I feel so bad for him when he has them. He can't be around any light or sound because it makes him feel worse. He just lays there with a blanket over his head. When he has a migraine I give him Motrin with a half of a can of dit soda with caffine. About 3wks ago he had 3 migraines in a week. The poor guy. They tested him for a brain tumor because he was getting them so often. But it was probably a side effect of him coming off his steriods.
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