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19 Nov 2009, 22:37
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How do I make my blog like have a layout and make it really pretty and stuff? i'm so lost and confused. I hate being new. Lol. (:
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20 Nov 2009, 02:10
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Search for a layout diary, there are a few layout diaries on here...Usually I just put the word "layout" in the search box (on the right) and a few things come up. Then you just need to copy and paste them as a entry layout. Layout diaries provide you with codes. The easiest way is to get a code you like, go to manage diary and then, somewhere in there, there's an option for an "entry template". Paste the code in there.

The code will appear every time you write a new entry, but it tells you where to type your entry.

Hope this helps a little bit.

If you have more questions, I'm happy to help.
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20 Nov 2009, 02:11
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Classic Layouts and Lithium Layouts are my favourite ones to use. But like I said there are quite a few layout diaries on here.
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20 Nov 2009, 02:36
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Lighter fluid and matches will work wonders.

If all else fails, try what K heart Crown said.
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