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18 Nov 2009, 05:58
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Makes you think.


Federal Reserve

Only heard about it recently. Anyone else had a listen?
I dig it.
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18 Nov 2009, 14:22
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Addendum is wonderful.
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19 Nov 2009, 00:12
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Addendum was really good.
Makes you wonder though if such a thing as the Venus project would work.
So technology takes over, takes all our jobs, we have clean air, clean water.
What does a population in the BILLIONS do with themselves? That movie Wall-E comes to mind actually, where the human race turns into useless fat slobs.
In my head, for the Venus project to work, there needs to be a HUGE natural disaster, a war or a world wide epidemic . Start again. I dont think anything will change until it something hits the world right in the face.
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18 Nov 2009, 06:27
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It's a conspiracy theorist's orgasm! XD

Part 1 is basically what I've believed for much of my life, that Christianity is derived from older pagan myths.
Part 2 makes a lot of sense, and I've subscribed to that theory for years as well. If you compare the September 11th attacks to any past natural disaster in the US, response to the attacks was entirely too quick. The timing of the entire ordeal was too convenient, and the whole thing reeks of classic political propaganda, modernized.
Part 3 I don't really know much about. I have heard of the North American Union scheme, though.

I haven't really gotten into Addendum yet. :(
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19 Nov 2009, 00:14
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Addendum is probably the best of the two,
there are a few others that I really got into

Loose Change, which is a 9/11 one.
Kymatica, which was also really good.
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18 Nov 2009, 06:37
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i've watched it multiple times, sounds pretty good (: not saying i agree or disagree but it definitely makes you think.
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18 Nov 2009, 06:50
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Wow. the Tin Foil's get excited over this crap! lol *eye roll*
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18 Nov 2009, 13:43
Let It Be
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Are you referring to the film? Love it. I think its probably pretty offensive to like 60% of America, but that's ok ;)
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