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Raise your Vibe ; Change your Life
by fireworks

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Everything you experience will be worth it



How hard is that pill to swallow sometimes?


When we allow ourselves to experience the negative emotion and understand where it’s coming from, that’s how we build emotional resiliency & learn how to handle anything that we experience. 💕 


When we are resistant to letting something in and focus on what we don’t want or don’t have, we can’t allow the opportunity for the good to come our way. We pinch off what we desire. 


You have to GO through discomfort to be able to GET through it, there is no short cut. 


We like to believe there is. 

When we ignore it, distract ourselves from it, pretend it doesn’t affect us— we are adding even more resistance and rocks to our belly, pulling us down and making it more difficult to trust ourselves. 


That’s when fear kicks in. The “what if’s”, the “i don’t know how”, or “im not good enough,”, “what if it doesn’t work?”

We do everything in life in order to FEEL a certain way. Or course we don’t want to feel terrible. We want instant results. We want to be successful. 


Why would we try to be uncomfortable on purpose?


Sometimes it happens. It’s scary. You might get rejected. You might fail. You might fall on your face. That’s growth. Its up to you to make it mean what it does.. 

Don’t let the fear of what could or couldn’t happen prevent you from going out there and living the life you dream of. Don’t reject yourself before you even have the chance to see what you’re capable of. 

The best way to get results a head of time? Showing up in your life NOW as if you’ve already reached your goals.


As if you’ve already made it to your destination. 


It will be hard at times. Incredibly easy at others. 


In the end, it'll be totally worth it.



previous entry: Happy Halloween

next entry: You can feel "fine" or you can feel "amazing"


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