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Finding Beauty In The Dissonance
by Burnt.Flowers.Fallen

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There's A Piece Of A Puzzle Known As Life


.:Tick.Tock:. 20:51
.:Munchin':. bottle of water... but I can smell my dinner
.:Eargasms:. Shinedown - 45
.:Skin Covering:. Black bondage pants, black t-shirt that says 'I only drum naked' pink and green argyle socks
.:Wanting:. to finally stop coughing
.:Current Projects:.

butterfly layouts @Thinking
So... Resolution the first: To STOP reacting without thinking. This is going to take a LOT of work. I'm willing to make that change.

Resolution the second: To STOP squeezing into clothes that don't fit, stop obsessing over the number on the tag, and throw out/donate any clothes I am not going to wear. I am SOOOO tired of not having any space in my closet to hang up the stuff I do wear because it's all taken up by what I can't wear.

Size 16, LOUD and Proud

previous entry: GAH!

next entry: I think I know

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