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Finding Beauty In The Dissonance
by Burnt.Flowers.Fallen

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Taste of the fruit, never thought to question "Why?"


.:Tick.Tock:. 1539
.:Munchin':. nothin
.:Eargasms:. background music from whatever game S is playing
.:Skin Covering:. black yoga pants, black t-shirt that says "I used to care, but now I take a pill for that"
.:Current Projects:. Kimono style tops for Baby Ceilidh, among other things...

So I think either Ceilidh turned into an octopus, or this morning she discovered that she can use both sets of limbs at the same time, because she was kicking the top of my belly at the same time she was punching down around my cervix/incision... Thank you girl child... Now if you could have rolled over and done some of that last nite, you would have saved me some worry...

Yesterday she barely moved at all... so quiet that my paranoid self was sure something had happened to her... nope... she was rolled over with her back to us all, and her head back behind my placenta... so though she was moving, it was muffled by the placenta... So the worry about your children starts before they are even born...

I've managed to finish 2 kimono style knit tops, since apparently gerber doesn't make them bigger than 0-3m... Thus far, I'm making 0-6m, which seems plenty big enough for now... and I finished a pair of knockoff BabyLegs... No way am I paying $8-$10 for something I can make myself for half that...

Today I am off to clean my sewing room, trying to locate my Diaper Covers Deluxe pattern by New Conceptions, because I REALLY don't want to have to buy another copy when I KNOW I have it somewhere.... *sigh*

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previous entry: Aftermath

next entry: Summer time and the wind is blowing outside

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You worry no matter what happens. I don't have any children of my own, but i have studied in child development and I work with kids. Anything could happen once they are conceived. <3

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