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Finding Beauty In The Dissonance
by Burnt.Flowers.Fallen

previous entry: 28 days, She'll be bleeding again;

next entry: Sometimes goodbye is a second chance

My Black Backpack, Stuffed with Broken Dreams



.:Tick.Tock:. 21:26
.:Munchin':. Pasta Alfredo
.:Eargasms:. Evanescence
.:Skin Covering:. grey hiphugger cargo pants, lime green chococat tank top, halloween toe socks
.:Wanting:. My sweet little girl who listens and behaves back
.:Current Projects:.

butterfly layouts


UGH! Just found out the kid destroyed the i-spy bag I made her for Christmas, and deliberately ripped a hole in her sheet, and ripped the princess off the cover of the scrapbook that her grandma sent her from california. I am SO fed up with this. I used to have a little girl who listened to what was asked, did her chores, excused herself, and didn't ask for a freaking movie EVERY SINGLE HOUR OF EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I cannot send her back to a father that treats her like a pet and jumps at her every whim, gives her everything she wants, and doesn't require anything of her. And I am SO very tired of hearing "I don't love you Mommy, I only love Daddy"

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previous entry: 28 days, She'll be bleeding again;

next entry: Sometimes goodbye is a second chance

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Pagan tag

Its so bloody hard when its like this ... my boys ring me and want to live with me when stuff is not to their liking with their dad then when things are fine again they dont want to. Breaks my heart getting my hopes up then having them crushed.
Kids play parents against each other and hes the 'fun'parenmt who isnt responsible for day to day stuff. hang in there, she will improve. Might involve chatting to your ex about parenting strategies tho

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Thanks for the hugs. Sometimes that's all I need to make me feel better.

[queenbutterflyStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Aw I'll say a prayer! Maybe I killed thar rabbit for you. Who knows!

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