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Finding Beauty In The Dissonance
by Burnt.Flowers.Fallen

previous entry: I think I know

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flew too high and burnt the wing



.:Tick.Tock:. 1755
.:Munchin':. bottle of Guinness
.:Eargasms:. NIN - The Fragile (album)
.:Skin Covering:. Black Dickies, black short t-shirt with a fleur d'lis on the front
.:Wanting:. I don't know anymore
.:Thinking:. of 2 or 3 people...
.:Missing:. Almond
.:Reading:. Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward
.:Linkage:. Somewhat Damaged
.:Current Projects:. Too fucking numerous to count

butterfly layouts


I'm still alive. Fighting a depression/manic cycle that my husband doesn't believe I have. Surviving. I go to work. I come home. Sometimes I sew. Sometimes I lay on the LoveSac and pretend nothing else exists.

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previous entry: I think I know

next entry: *sigh*

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