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Fenix 's Diary
by Fenix

Classes start on Monday.


So I'm starting Theater Appreciation tomorrow, because there were literally no other classes available that I needed for the summer. Two things: Either they don't offer those classes during the summer, or they were already filled up. I had an environmental science class that I signed up for, but for one reason or another, I was dropped from it before the class started. Not too big a deal because I hadn't paid for it yet.

I checked on to see what my Theater Appreciation professor was like, and apparently she's awesome. The only set-back is that it's an 8AM class. But that also means I'll have the entire day after 10AM to do whatever I want with it -- which means it's a great time to find a job with my availability advantage.

I think I'll bootleg Iron Man 2. I want to see it again, but I don't want to waste any more money. My source has a guy that works with the cameras in the theater, and he can get some awesome-quality rips from the reels, so I don't have to deal with watching some shitty bootleg taken on a cell phone.

Other than that, nothing too interesting has happened. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on here!

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