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A Rose Isn't a Rose Without It's Thorns
by ćara

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what you upto?


What are you guys up to for the summer besides work and if you are taking summer couses at a college. If you arn't doing anything state what you wish to do this summer. :)

classic layouts

previous entry: Bwhahahah

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hey... How are you and things going?
Well jas is going to be moving soon if we find a place haha. We got a new tv a week ago almost 2 weeks ago now but we love it and its great price for exactly what we wanted. Just enjoy the nice weather since been so warm and all is great.

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Well, it is winter here. But I am finished my Tafe course. I have 2 weeks of holidays and then back to volunteering and hopefully I will be able to get a job soon, as well.

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