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A Rose Isn't a Rose Without It's Thorns
by ara

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[Story] UntitlePrince 3


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12in12-2011 & Writers Workshop[Private]

[WARNING: M/M & words the end little naughtyness]


The smell of burnt wood filled my nostrils. I woke up feeling warm again and my mind went to Kevan and I yelled at myself again thinking that it was him by the time I got out of bed I had convinced myself that It was someone that smelled like Kevan. I was to have a bath before Princess Sans arrived. Many of the servants were rushing around filling the tub with hot water. I could smell the what they were putting in the bath lavender, cedar wood and a hint of lemon. My hair fell down my back as I let it fall. Before my bath Wes of one the higher servants came into my room to trim my hair and to cut any unhealthy dead-end hairs.
When I finally got into my bath and the servants left the herbed soap I dismissed them so that I could wash myself. Once I turned thirteen it felt uncomfortable to let them wash me, dry me, and help me dress. It took me few hours to figure out how some of the cloths went but I did it. I do let them brush my hair and but it manly away from my face I must have fallen back to sleep because Wes was back think I’ve dressed behind him was an annoyed Kevan.
“You didn’t even wash yourself you just fell asleep.” Was said shaking his head
“It’s not my fault that I’m still tired” I replied and as quickly as I could I grabbed toe soap and started cleaning my arms and upper chest.
“Your father hoped you would be almost done by now. Came the silky voice of Kevan
Alright give me ten minutes to quickly wash and five minutes to dress.” I said to them giving them look privacy please.
Wes left first and I knew he be back for my hair. Kevan lingered for a moment I got goose bumps just form his stare and his sexy eyes. I went under the moment he was about to say something. I did it on propose since he didn’t leave when I dismissed him and Wes. I came back up and he was still there. I razed an eye brow.
“I thought you had servants help during baths.”
I shook my head, “When I was little but mostly women have those.” I paused as I was aware of him watching me wash the rest of my body. I think my father just as servants around unless he dismissed them.
I stood then suddenly trying to keep a straight face and taking advantage of the situation. “Can you hand me that cloth that’s behind you and my robe.” Kevan visibly gulped and quickly turned around and handed me the cloth without looking at me and handed me the robe after I wrapped the cloth around my waist.
“I’ll let you get dressed.” He said hastily and quickly left.
I was finally left to privacy I smirked and almost laughed I then quickly got dressed just in time for Wes to brush my hair until it whent dry and then Kevan came back into see if I was ready he couldn’t look at me in the eye.
“Princess Sansa will be here in an hour just intime for lunch.” Then he handed me an apple. “Your mother sent that to you since you took too long with your bath.”
“I got this nervous look, “You talked with my mother?”
“Yes she wanted to talk to me.”
“What about?”
“She wanted to know about me. Nothing much really.” Kevan clearnly wasn’t going to talk about what my mother wanted to talk to him about. She many wanted to know about him more but she usually ahs a motive. I must have had a worried look on my face because Kevan convinced well tired to “Really Edric she wanted to know more about me.”
“If you say so.”

Princess Sansa was beautiful with blond hair and ocean green eyes, full rose lips and tall for a women and nice full breasts. She wore light pink and pine green dress that was stunning. She smiled at me in greeting, almost shy and child like.
The rumors are true you are God like handsome, almost beautiful.” Princess Sansa said as she turned a light shade of pink.
I smiled “You are the epitome of beautiful Princess Sansa”
“You are too kind, and please call me Sansa.”
I had took her arm, “Sansa I hpe you like our Feast because it’s in your honor.” I led her to the great hall.
“I’m starved” she replied.
The cook had out done himself as he presented all the end of fall and beginning of winter food. We sat next to each other as my and her parents at across and the rest around us. We talked about everything form our childhoods to when I’ll be King. Towards the end of the feast it was decided that our wedding will be next week. By the end I was to escort my bride to her corroders where to be in the old but beautiful part of the castle; which will host all her servants and guards. Her room would be in the Golden Tower that’s part of the old section of the castle. I used to play there as a child and Cole used to say that it was haunted and scare me. I smiled at the memory.
Edric there’s something I have to tell you” Sansa said once we were alone.
“Yes Sansa”
“I love someone else and I know we are to marry and there is no stopping it and I will fill full my duties and give you a few children but I will not come to love you. We can become friends.”
I took a deep sigh of relief “I to feel the same way. Honestly I was a bit worried.”
Sansa sighed too “As was I worried.”
“I’d like to meet this love of yours.” I said
“I thought you would my handsome prince.” She grinned, “He followed us and he’s outside the door. I’ll let him in.” Sansa walked to the door and opened it to Leon the cute red had hazel eyed Leon. When Sansa introduced us Leon recognized, put together Jack Eyre with the real me Prince Edric.
“I knew it!” Leno said “My good friend Jack Eyre was really Prince Edric.”
“You were always the smart one Leon.” I said and then punched him playfully. “So this is where you ran off too? Have you talked to Kevan? He’s my personal guard and a bit angry that I didn’t tell him.”
He’ll get over it you know how moody he is.”
“HEY!” Sanda said getting our attention, “You two know each other?”
We laughed “Sorry Sansa, I’ll let Leon tell you.” I made to go before Sansa stopped me.
“Who is the one you love?”
I opened the door and turned back “You are smart, guess.” Then I left before she could answer. I knew she was going to be careful epically Leon.
Three days had passed before Sansa and I had a private moment with no guards just aus as we were outside walking. Asking eachohter our likes and dislikes. We both love lemon cakes and apple pie, and our love for poetry and songs.
“My beautiful Prince Edric I know who you love.” Princess Sansa said after we were quiet for a while.
Who my lovely princess Sansa?” We had stopped walking we are at the edge of the forest.
“Kevan Blackwater your personal guard.”
I could only nod
“You love him a lot. No one notices unless they are looking for it just like it was.”
“You are smart and if they did now they pretend not to.
“Very few most are obvious.”
“If only he felt the same way” I started to head back
“Don’t be so sure of that.”
“I narrowed my eyes “What you mean by that?”
Sansa Just smiled at me.

Sansa and I spent most every day with each other. She funny, kind hearted and sweet. That’s what I told my parents and Gran. I could tell they knew the unsaid but even if I didn’t say anything. Sensei arrived back today when he checked to see if I was always on guard scaring Sansa at first. He came back with his wife and child. His wife is beautiful and quiet. But a few hours with my mother she opened up. Then everyone was running around for the late afternoon wedding. I know I had to do my duty, we will make children and we’ll be good friends but I felt sad…well miserable.
The whole wedding ceremony was lovely I smiled happily and never look at or searched for Kevan. I couldn’t I didn’t want to see his happy face. Princess Sansa was breathtaking and elegant. We sat facing our friends and family at the dinner feast. After the first course Sansa and I had our first dance then everyone else wanted to dance after that. We dance for a bit with everyone else and then Sansa was tired and we went back to ur table. It was then I saw Kevan and Leon sitting together with a few of other high guards. He was laughing at something Leon said but I could tell that Leon was sad wish he was me and I felt guilty. I looked away just in time for them to look over at us. I quickly talked to Sansa
“We are to bed to night.”
She read between the lines, “I’ll be fine and I know I tures you and Leon knows what is expected.”
“Knowing is different form feeling.” I said quietly. “He’s been giving me odd looks.
Sansa touched my hand “He’ll be fine and you two will still be friends and the only time we’ll bed is to do our duty to make children.” Though I didn’t say it but I knew Leon will be with her every other time.
“May I dance with your lovely wife and future queen?” Asked Leon interrupting our private talk.
I smiled “of course” Sansa smiled gratefully at me and stood up and danced with the one she rather marry. I watched them and for a few moments be for I played with the stew.
“You don’t like the Stew?” asked Kevan
“ It’s not my favorite. This arrange marriage business …” I trailed off when I looked up and he had a gorgeous lady standing beside him, “who’s this lovely maiden?”
Kevan smiled “Lisa, Prince Edric.”
Lisa smiled shyly “it’s nice to meet Lisa”
Kevan spoke for her “She’s with me I wanted to introduce her earlier. She’s from my village.”
I smiled friendly at her.
“I was wonder if you could bless us we are to be married too.” Lisa blushed deepened.
I looked at Kevan then back at Lisa. “That’s more like my father I’m not King yet.” Lisa looked disappointed and embarrassed.
“Edric! How dare you embarrass my bestrode!” Kevan scolded me like I was a child. “Princes can bless us for our soon to be marriage.” Kevan’s voice carried.
I stood aware of everyone’s eyes on me and Sans and Leon quickly walked back with haste. “I bless your soon to be marriage.” I said awkwardly. But smiled apologetically at Lisa, she seemed to accpt that and Sansa soon took over I really didn’t pay attention. I went through the “happy emotions and the toast for Kevan and Lisa’s future and mine and Sansa’s I devoured every food after that and desert and the wine. I stood up for the second time
“I need some fresh air before we are carried off for the bedding.” I said to Sansa
Okay are you alright?” She asked concerned.
I smiled “I’m fine I just need a moment” and I left quickly.
It was the first time that the cold air felt nice. Then I heard sniffling and I walked down a bit and saw Leon crying. I suddenly felt like a jerk. I knew he wanted to marry Sansa. I cursed arrage marriages. Leon look up and saw me and that made me feel worse I turned quickly and walked back the way I came and I could hear Leon calling me following me as I opened the door to go back in and that’s when I saw Kevan and Lisa were what looked like a passionate kiss. It was sudden but I felt sick at that moment and threw up everything right then and there.
“Eww” said Lisa “Do you think he’s going to be okay?”
“You two go back in. Kevan stall and I’ll make sure Edric is okay and bring him back in for the bedding.”
I hacked up more as Kevan and Lisa left. Everything I ate came up and afterwards I felt better. “Leon I…”
“I didn’t want you to see that.” Leon cut me off
“It should be you”
“But it’s not”
“Sorry” and I had to hold my breath as I felt my eyes watering.
“It’s okay, I’m okay everything is going to be okay.”
“It’s Not okay” I was angry now that the tears passed. “This is all wrong I never wanted to hurt you. I never” wanted to see Kevan kiss and where and why the hell did he spring this now? Where did she come from? I moved away the smell of my own vomit was making me sick and I felt bad for the servant who had to clean it up.
I don’t want you to feel bad.”
I looked at Leon after a few moments “Only as long as we are okay. You’ll be with her most, I’ll only be few as obligation and we’re just friends.” I said almost a whisper.
“You’re still the same person as Jack Eyre we’ll always be friends.” He smiled but it was a bit sad. We didn’t say much and headed back I ignored Kevan I didn’t even look at him.
Most of everyone carried us off to her corridors. They shoved us in the room and when we were alone we talked for a while before I was in her. I must be good because she was loude and thrashing telling what she wanted. I was surprised that I could do it. Sansa shudder with pleasure and I planed my seen in her hopping that we made a child. I held her afterword and kissed her cheek.
“You are better than good.” Sansa said breathlessly.
“I wanted our experiences painless as possible.” I replied snuggling in to her.
Sansa snuggled back and said “You out did yourself” Then pecked me on the lips.
We looked at each other and suddenly she asked “are you okay about Kevan and Lisa?”
“Where did she come from? Why say something now? Why wasn’t she here when he was…” I stopped and said “I didn’t see that coming.”
“Leon told me she came last night and convinced him to marry her and she instead that she asked for your blessing and not the Kings.”
Shrugging, “I don’t know it sounds fishy to me.” And then she fell asleep after that. I closed my eyes not wanting to over think about it. I tried not to let that image of them kissing and the overwhelming feeling of going to cry and no hope of maybe. I fell asleep with the heavy heart and work up with the wrong smell next to me when I remembered I was married.
We had breakfast together and spent half of the day with each other. At lunch I found Leon and Made him and Sansa spend the rest of the day together I need to be a lone and way from the Castle. I over dressed myself and but on two fur coats as I walked off headed to the woods that near the castle. The same woods I used to hide and make Cole and Ben try to find me when I was four. I slumped down in that hiding place taking a bit sigh and looked at the tops of the trees that were hugging the sky.
Everything was quiet and I finally relaxed, forgot about everything. I let everything go and went some palce else I was on Dragon Island and talking to Nymeria and then riding on her again and I was once again above the world I could fly anywhere I wished. I could go away forever and never comeback. I could visit my mother’s homeland and visit grandparents I never met. I could go far off lands and truly be free. Free as Nymeria.
“What are you doing out here you should be with your wife.” Kevan’s voice brought me back home.
“Shouldn’t you be with your bestrode?” I said a bit to coldly
“I thought you were happy for me?”
“Only if you truly love her”
He was quiet for a second before he said “I truly love her.”
I could feel the tears behind my still closed eyes I was afraid to say anything I controlled myself and answered best I could “I-I” I swallowed “I’m happy for you.” I couldn’t open my eyes afraid that the tears would escape.
“Look at me and tell me.”
‘Pull yourself together’ I said to myself. I stood not facing him and took a deep breath and dusted myself off. I turned to him. “I’m happy for you.” Then I turned away cursing inwardly.
“Turn around and face me. You’re Future King you don’t turn your back to a friend if you are happy for your friend’s engagement.”
“They are happy tears.” I tried to smile “I’m truly happy.” I looked down at the ground I heard him walk up to me and I saw his boots.
“Look at me Prince Edric”
I rubbed my eyes pulling myself together before I looked in to the eyes I love so much.
“I didn’t connect that you were Jack Eyre until your father introduced us and I saw right away I should bave seen it and listened to Leon.” Kevan began and then kissed me on lips than finished with. “Go back to Sansa and I’ll explain when you got back to your own corridors play the husband.”
He left me dumbfounded and confused. Sansa was alone when I came back. I didn’t tell her anything because I wasn’t sure myself. Sansa and I again had sex to make a child on another time out last night together, and that day we said Farwell to her parents and we went our separate ways after that. Two days later after my martial arts training she came to me excitedly and yelled “I’m pregnant.” No doubt with some magic from Gran.

It’s been days since what happened in the woods. I spent my days with Sansa well Sansa seeks me out and we talk and then suddenly today at breakfast she suggest that we spend meals together expressly dinner and she skipped off somewhere with Leno who conveniently became her personal guard. I only saw this Lisa person one other time but she just looked at me and ran off.
The night of officially winter was when Kevan came to my room while I was stuffing wood in the fireplace all the way in the back. When I looked over at him he look like the boy I dremped about eh n I turned Thirteen. The boy in the dream that I thought hottest sex it felt so real I really thought he was in me. I called him “My wolf” then I stopped stacking the wood and Looked into Kevan’s wolfish eyes and realized he was that boy. “My wolf” I whispered.
“What?” Kevan asked
“I’ll be out in a moment” I fished stacking up the wood and I had it going all the way back to almost the tip out of the fire place.
Once I was out I pointed my finger and the good caught fire with magic. I took off the over cloths I was wearing that was covered in soot. Then I was dusting out my hair and face. With successes I walked over and sat across from Kevan wondering when the hell he’ll explain. When he wasn’t I asked
“What was that back in the woods?”
“The night when I turned thirteen I had this incredible dream about you. ‘My Prince Edric’ I called you. I knew then that I was supposed to be with you and I fell in love with you then.” He smiled at me I was quiet and he continued. “I was dumb and I didn’t make Jack Eyre and Prince Edric connection until I was introduced to you. Leon figured out as soon as he met Jack I should have too since I love you since I was thirteen. I was more mad at myself than you not telling whom you ‘really were’“ then he was quiet.
“I was smiling like a fool but I didn’t care “Don’t feel so bad until now I just connect the same dream when I was Thirteen too until now my wolf.”
“Your slow” Kevan teased.
“Call it even”
We were quiet for a moment smiling at eachohter.
“Kevan” I said softly
“Yes my Prince”
“Kiss me.” I walked over to him wehre he still sat.
Kevan whipped some soot that was on my nose before he stood and meet his lips to mine. I traces his lower lip with my tongue. He opened his mouth to let me in and I deepened the kiss. Kevan sat pulling atop of him and then he wrapped his arms around my lower back my hands on his cheek and my other hand digging in his hair.
He pulled away first and I looked into my eyes and said “You really love me?”
“Yes” and he pecked me on the lips. “I love you My Prince.”
“I love you my Wolf, My Kevan”
“My Edric” Kevan whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine.
This time I kissed him he pulled me closer to him and I Pulled him closer too and when things got hotter I pulled away and touched his face. “Was it you sleeping with me those nights” I asked
“Yes. I held you while you slept and I woke before you and left before you woke up.”
I kissed him from his cheek to his neck “How you like my little show at my bath before I meet Princess Sansa?”
“It took everything in me not to take you right then and there.” Kevan then grinned “You have a lovely body and yummy half hardness form the warm bath.”
I pulled at his ear with my teeth before I whispered “Lest go to bed.” I stood up but still over him but Kevan pulled me down in his lap again he squeezed my ass.
“I want to play with you first.” He whispered in my hear sending chills down my spine once again.
“I’m all yours my Wolf”


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ok, the story is very good. Were you able to proof read it before writing again or did you just write? At the beginning talk bout her hair should do something to the sort of it falling after she let it out of a clip or hair tie. Some grammer errors as spelling words with form instead of from. Going along with the wording i also noticed that there were cases where you can separate some words like into sometime. I hoope that makes sense and i am not sure exactly but i believe they should be able to be not together for how you are wording the sentences. Its a great continuation just noticing some of those errors. Also want to check there are places where commas should be put in sentences and are not there. If you got questions shoot me a text.

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