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Elle Eh
by elle eh xx.

Letter To My Present Self


Dear Elle Eh, 

I know you're trying your best, but I can see how easily you're letting yourself be discouraged. This year you have accomplished a lot and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon. This is okay! It can be very overwhelming but overwhelming doesn't mean bad, it just means we have to slow it down and live in the moment. 

2022 was by far one of our most memorable years. The highs have been the highest, but some of our lows have been devasting. I am so proud of how we were able to pull ourselves back from the edge and even more proud of the fact that we were able to set our pride aside and ask for help when we needed it. We have an amazing partner who loves and supports us no matter what, and we need to show our gratitude more. 

While we have had so much personal growth this year, we still have a lot of work we need to do. We need to have more patience with those around us, especially those we love and care about. We also need to not take things so personally all the time, and find new coping skills for our anger. 

I can't wait to see where 2023 takes us, I know we have so much more exciting things to look forward to, but we also have some obstacles we know we will have to overcome. Take everything day by day and remember to be present in all of our situations and conversations. 


-- Elle Eh

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