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For the soul is dead that slumbers...
by Doll Face

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Migraines X 2


Over the past two days, I've had two migraines, both lasting about 4 hours and then going on their merry way to bother someone else. Yesterday, it came out of nowehere, and though I took my maxalt while I was still in the Aura Phase (as my doctor calls it-- I generally just say floaters) and it did nothing bu postpone the migraine for about an hour. Today, I'm faily certain the mile hike I took in the heat triggered it. Again the Maxalt did nothing.

I have found that when I get migraines I get increadibly sleepy and extremely cold. I cannot lay down (or ever sit in a bed really) when I have them, however, because it makes me sick and makes the pain worse. I cannot cover up because it makes me ill. So my soultion was to take a pillow into the bathrroom, the darkest place in the house, and prop it behind my head against the wall and cover up with the shower curtain. At some point, it seemed like a good idea to get into the bath tub and take a nap until it went away, and this led to me getting in the tub and turning the shower on since i was cold. I woke up about an hour after doing this and fel a whole lot better. Right now, i am sipping a sprite and waiting to be completely better so that i can go and get something to eat.

In other news, I have accepted the teaching job in South Korea. Isaac is thrilled.

previous entry: Back Again

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South Korea! Where are you now??

I hope the migraines clear up. Do the doctors know why you get them so frequently?

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