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For the soul is dead that slumbers...
by Doll Face

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Last Undergrad History Class


The End!

After four hard years of word and dedication, and too many instances of borderline academic breakdowns, as of 3:45 this afternoon, I have completed my education as an undergrad history student. I have to admit, the process was a long and often time frustrating one, given than while I can take all the historical facts in the world and arrive at some conclusion because I enjoy the analytical and writing aspects (until I am rewriting the damn thing for a third and forth time), the research aspect is difficult to say the least. There were even times I declared that I was no longer a history major (last week comes to mind), but today as I walked out of Women's Health and History, I felt a deep sense of accomplishment and tremendous heart ache knowing that I was losing something that has been so precious to me.

I imagine when I walk in the fall, officially graduating once my Poli Sci degree is finished up as well. Speaking of Poli Sci, I just saw my grade going into the final, and I have an 87! WoooHoo! That means I can make a 50 on the final and still make a B. Go Morgan.

previous entry: 9. One thing we must ask oursleves...

next entry: R.I.P. Nathan Alexander

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Congratulations!! Thats awesome

[Bacterial Noah|0 likes] [|reply]

Oh wow... I know some History majors at my college and I admire them... it's really really tough! I'm glad you feel the accomplishment . Well done! And I think I know about the sadness, too... I'm about to finish my BA in Philosophy and I really don't want to leave just yet. *sigh*

I hope you're having a nice weekend!

[Focalizer|0 likes] [|reply]

we have the same major, however i am nowhere close to graduating

[- misseriin*Star|0 likes] [|reply]

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