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Derelict Heart
by DerelictHeart

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Of Buddy Holly and tablet cords and soup for a week...



I love Buddy. He and Elvis and Ricky Nelson. All 50's stars, all dead? But still really good. As for the charger, my friend Lisa needs a new cord. My sister had this awesome idea... eat soup for dinner for a week! I am curious as to what will happen to our bodies with this change, will we lose weight?? Idk but I'm game.  

Hopefully the COVID-19 vaccine comes soon. I want to start walking with Bees and Julz and I want to go back to the library... the walk to and from there is good exercise. I usually will go after lunch for a few hours, then Bees would either meet me there or half-ways there... and we'd walk all the way back home.. stupid COVID.

When I get the vaccine, lets just say this bird will escape their cage and... go crazy? Probably. I know that I will want to do everything and everything at the same time... haa... lol



previous entry: Theme of the Week

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