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Derelict Heart
by DerelictHeart

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I figured out how to type comfortably in the expanded view. No rocket science here. So, yesterdays last entry was rather heavy, mostly bc I was in a crummy Eeyore mood.. you know? Like 'Oh woe is me...' and all that happy horseshit.

Now all I'm waiting on is pin and that's all... then I am giving Bees her share, and she is keeping my share bc I don't have a wallet/purse. Tomorrow, I get my 3DS XL and two eShop cards. I want to get Tomodachi Life, and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.

I had lentil soup and baguette for supper. Very very delish! 

Well, what are y'all doing these days?


previous entry: February

next entry: Theme of the Week

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