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Derelict Heart
by DerelictHeart

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February is upon us. Soon, it will be Julz's birthday. (on the 25th) and that day... I call it Galentines Day, bc I am single and so are my two besties. The last guy I dated broke my heart, but I still have feelings for him... how fucked up is that?? Bees and Julz have had their fair share of utter idiots. I want to go back to social to see if Justin (my beau) is still dating his skanky gf. If not, then, yeah... I'll fb him. Call it a fatal attraction. Call it stupid. But I still love the guy. Is this weird or what???

I wish I could go back in time, speaking of love.... to marry Greg, to give the middle finger.. hell a double salute to Eleanor my evil foster mum. And yeah, get settled down and just make a family with him... but I ended up in college... which like hs, I failed miserably... mostly bc I had the care of my baby nephew (foster sister Lorie, mother of the year 1992) foisted onto my already full workload. I had no other choice. Both Lorie and her mother of all mothers Eleanor were raging alkies... and there was NO FUCKING WAY I would let those two with Mathew. I miss Mathew.. esp with the damn COVID floating around. I wanna think he is ok, but I think he is homeless now... and young people don't last long homeless... I should know, bc I was homeless for a spell.

I'm done.


previous entry: Of Buddy Holly and tablet cords and soup for a week...

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