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My diary
by soimhere

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When it's hard to think of what to put on social media


I'm not sure why I'm on Twitter, but I am! The only problem is, sometimes I just can't think of anything to put. So I've gone months without putting anything, which makes my Twitter account look abandoned. Although I know no-one else cares, I still feel like it's silly to have the account if I don't post anything.

On the other hand, I'm way too busy to add optional extra tasks into my life, and Twitter is certainly optional. It's not life-or-death, it's not even a necessity. I'm not even on Facebook at all for exactly that reason. I figure if I have just one social media account, it's Twitter because at least it's short (280 characters) and who has time for more than that? Plus, Twitter doesn't require you to put your real name on, and I like my privacy. I also don't want to wind up getting into Facebook drama, like how someone liked someone's photo but not someone else's and now the someone else has hurt feelings. Again, who has time for all that?!

At first I was posting social media status updates fairly often on Twitter, just to make my account look busy. But the obvious problem with creating social media status updates is.... it was using up way too much time. First I had to think of what to say, which took longer than I had expected, then write it in, and honestly my life is way too busy IRL to deal with that. In the end, I decided on a compromise that I'm happy with:

  • Post only once a week (try to do it on a set day so that I don't have to wonder which day to do it)
  • Get pre-made social media status updates to post. That way I don't have to bother dealing with thinking of what to say.

I can safely say that this approach is working well. Now it looks like my account is regularly active, with minimal effort required on my part. There are many social media status generators, so it doesn't really matter which one you use. Being female, I like the one at which is specific for women and it only covers "clean" topics, so it's already geared toward the types of things I might like to say anyway. (There's a similar one for guys at

Social media scheduling services, like Buffer help save time and ensure regular posting, but many of them cost money, and I don't see the point of spending money on that. For people who own businesses though, Buffer may be worth the cost. Speaking of businesses, if you're looking to generate tweets for a business or brand, Focusably deserves a try. It's a free tweet generator especially geared to the types of tweets that businesses or brands would send. It generates a tweet, then you can press the "Tweet it" button to tweet it out.

But based on how much effort just one type of social media is (even with my new streamlined approach) I probably will never be on Facebook or other social media though!

previous entry: Why does my body clock wake me up early on the weekend?

next entry: Laundry always multiplies!


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