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My diary
by soimhere

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Outfit ideas


OK, when deciding what to wear it's not always easy. I'm more of a jeans and T-shirt person normally. But when I have to put an outfit together it just feels like I have nothing to wear. I know that's wrong - I have other clothes besides jeans and tees! Still though, sometimes I like to get some ideas. Pinterest can have some good ideas except I'm not a big fan of Pinterest in general. I like the stuff people post about what to wear, but the issue is that there is way too much "adult content" making its way into my feed, so I quit. The only problem with THAT is now I can't see anything on it because it won't let you browse unless you sign in. So annoying.

Fasion and celebrity blog Who What Wear does a pretty great job of showing what's in style, and more importantly, how to wear a certain look. Like, how to accessorize it, etc.

I also like Vurne, which is super-simple but fun. It features an item of the day for each day. It's great for getting ideas for what to wear. Each day it's a different item - you won't get overwhelmed like on some other sites.

I find it's generally when I'm invited to an event or an evening out that I am all like "I've got nothing to wear!" even though I just think I need to put together what I have. Create an outfit with it. The jeans and tee work fine for everday, nothing-special clothes. But I can't wear jeans and tee everywhere! Even though I'd like to.

previous entry: My favorite dinner foods

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