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My diary
by soimhere

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My old digital camera is better than my phone camera


Kudos to old digital cameras, I've discovered! My phone camera seriously sucks. It's lower-resolution than most other people's phones and if anyone in the pic is moving even a tiny amount, then it's a blur in the final image. I shouldn't complain - I bought a really low-priced phone after my old phone died. I wasn't budgeting for a new phone so I got just a basic one. It doesn't have much storage and its camera is sucky. Otherwise though, it's great.

I'm still glad I didn't get sucked into spending lots on a new phone, but when I'm taking photos, it's frustrating. If I'm attending an event of huge importance to me, then I try to remember to bring my digital camera with me to take pics. It makes sense anyway because then I can simply turn my phone off and not have to worry about remembering to mute it during the event.

So, it's started getting me thinking: if the technology of digital cameras has advanced so much (and if I probably will never spend much on a phone even when this one dies) maybe I should get a new digital camera sometime soon? They take up a lot less space than a phone, so in some situations its an advantage - the phone can be in the handbag but I can bring out my digital camera without feeling encumbered. It's one of those little point-and-shoot digital cameras that fit in the palm of the hand, not those big fancy ones that photographers use.

I'm considering a newer, better digital camera (still of small size), but it's probably something I'll put on the "back burner" for now.

previous entry: Laundry always multiplies!

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