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My diary
by soimhere

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Favorite name generators for fiction characters


I tend to stop and agonize over naming anything, so if I'm trying to write any fiction, this is frustrating. Honestly I'm probably trying to find reasons to procrastinate when that happens, but it still happens. Anyway, here are some of my favorite name generators for generating human names (I mean, as opposed to business names or anything like that).

My favorite one is Behind The Name, because you can pick what nationality you'd like the name to be. You can also pick the gender if you like. I don't generally write characters of other nationalities because it's a bit too hard for me (I'm not great at fiction so I don't attempt anything that makes it harder than it is). But what I love about it is that you can even have it generate a life story, including height, weight, etc. I like the life story for if it's a minor character whose life story has no bearing on the plot I'm writing. I then don't have to stop and come up with one on my own for that, and make yet another pause in my writing process.

Another one I enjoy is Fake Name Generator. There are even more options to select from, like the name nationality and the country of residence (which can be 2 different things). It even generates a plausible-sounding address for your character, and an occupation. I'd like it even more if it gave hobbies and interests, but I guess I'm supposed to come up with something on my own! Again, this is ideal for minor characters whose occupations won't affect your plot. I find this site almost a little too fully-featured because it's easy to get distracted there by all the possibilities.

If you want to keep it simple and look for a popular first name in U.S. English for your major or minor character, then I like the Popular Name Generator. Names are randomly selected from the top 200 most popular names in the U.S. so you can be sure of getting a name that people will have heard of. Also people won't think it's old-fashioned (names are from babies born in from 2010 to 2017). You can have it generate a new name again and again if you like. You don't get anything besides a first name for a male and a female (no occupation, stats, etc) but its drawcard is that modern day readers of your fiction will feel comfortable with the names you picked. If you're looking for a last name too, then try the full name generator at There's also a bigger number of names there: the top 1000.

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