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Dead_Silence's Diary
by Dead_Silence

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Well. I'm single which is a plus now. No more questions about what i'm doing or who i'm talkin to. That always bugged me. I would like to visit a girlfriend, not an interrogater. "i'm just making conversation" she says, I understand that people talk about thier days and what they did, but you really need to know if the girl was pretty? or if she had blonde hair? Does that junk even matter?

Not to me. You talked to a guy, great. Maybe that's why I get cheated on because I don't grill my girls when they come to my house. I'm the prince that gives the Princess the horse and buggy ride, and when it's always nice at first, the road starts getting potholes and speedbumps somewhere along the line like every other relationship, but after it all settles down she simply pushes me off the edge of the moving horse drawn carrage and I get ran over by the big painfull oak wood wheel..... Single life is grand. Less stressfull and more open. No anchors, no worries. Just me and a book, or a good long jog during a sunset is heaven to me, no kids no marriage. Solitude is enjoyable just as socialzing is also, but I'm much more comfortable and in my own skin when I'm only in company with God.

previous entry: Nosey People

next entry: Yep This One Isn't Positive Either

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i understand where you're coming from. Some people just are meant to be tied down.

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I think girls get overly insecure sometimes, and they ask questions like that because their insecurities take over and make them imagine the worst they could.

I try not to be like that with my boyfriend because if the tables were turned...I wouldn't want him to be asking me that 24/7 either. Actually, I think we're a good fit in that way. We know we love each other and if we talk to other people, we know that nothing is behind it other than friendly conversation.

I get what you mean about being single though...especially after a relationship where you felt smothered, it's nice to not have to worry about anyone but yourself. Enjoy the freedom.

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