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Dead_Silence's Diary
by Dead_Silence

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Just One Of Those Days....


I was at work, driving around for my job, and I was pulled over for a seatbelt violation. Grand, great way to start off the day right? The cop was nice, the fine was small, but it is a possibility that i may lose my job over it....I can't afford to lose my job before I get shipped off for Basic Training in the US Army. That's not till around December. Too many months in between there. So then I get done with that situation and I go home and grab some lunch, on our apartment complex the door locks automatically when it's shut....and of course what did I do? You guessed it, locked my keys in my apartment, so I had to call my roommate to come and let me back into my own house....July 3,2009 was my friday the 13th, hopefully tomorrow won't be near as bad. God Bless America and all of you, thanks for reading.

previous entry: Opinions?

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RYC: I've had a minister explain the Triangle theory to me as well. And of course it makes total sense. In reality, the closer we grow to God, the closer we'll be with everyone. Because the further we move away from God, the closer we get to ourselves (this is selfish). And the more selfish and enclosed within ourselves we get, the harder it'll be to become close with others.

Bummer about your seatbelt ticket! I suppose you drive a company vehicle, or your job requires you to drive, in which case your boss might see your ticket as a liability for them.

Good luck! Hopefully they'll warn you and you'll keep your job.

God Bless

[Hannah's Dad|0 likes] [|reply]

RYC: Well your employer certainly can't fire you for failing to wear your seatbelt if they didn't provide you with one to wear in the first place!! Unless of course it's been busted a long time and you never made anyone aware.

Having been a police officer before, I can see why the officer ticketed you. Even if the seatbelt is broken, it's still a violation. It's like writing someone a repair order / ticket for a broken taillight. The intention of doing such is to correct the issue/behavior. And ultimately that's the cop's job, to issue traffic citations to get people to change their driving habits.

Sucks though that your employer has you driving an unsafe vehicle.

[My Kids' Dad|0 likes] [|reply]

Man, that really sucks.

[Stephanie|0 likes] [|reply]

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