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Welcome to the Keep
by Dark Priestess

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Oi! Today was a day! Took my girl (Roxie) to her dr's appt. Poor baby had to have an in-depth pelvic ultrasound. FUN times. Ashe was in a mood, so we didn't stay with her, even though I would have liked to. But, he and I went and wandered around the antique stores in downtown in the town the clinic was in. That was ok. Then we got lunch, food was ok, company was great. She was hurting, but we were all goofy, so it was cool.

Took off from there to drive an hour and a half to get to Seven Cedars casino, so Ashe could pick up an app for over there. We're gonna go to Little Creek Casino tomorrow after Mikey's D&D game.

Got the taxes in today. Guess what the BOB said? "Can I have some?" Greedy ass bitch.

Ok, need to feed my baby (babies? Ashe, Roxie and the kids? I'm not terribly hungry).

previous entry: Wow, long time

next entry: For Roxie

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