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Welcome to the Keep
by Dark Priestess

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1)Gryphon Gaming (yes, this place is a blessing! The kids are perfectly normal compared to everyone here!)


2)Iain (Mikey's bestest buddy)


3)Da Hubband


4)The Girlfriend


5)Internet connection!






Conversations around me


Nada, but I've been sippin on Sprite

.:.Munchin.:. :

Nada, trying to stay away from the Devil Pringles

.:.Feeling.:. :

tired, sore, blah

.:.Wearing.:. :

Jeans, black t, brown Skechers tennies and a rose quartz rune bracelet

.:.Talking To.:.:

Nobody, Da Girlfriend is reading a book, and the kids are all otherwise occupied







It's Saturday again. Kids have their gaming group today, we do a Dungeons and Dragons game from noon to about 1 or so, and Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh after that (more often than not, it's Yugi) I'm in the D&D game, and then sit and veg while they play cards. It gets boring real quick, and I end up feeling like stabbing myself in the head with a pencil repeatedly.

But, I love coming down here, because we walk in and everybody's so happy to see us. The kids are all welcome here, and they have a great time. #1 is turning into a very good player with the card games, and usually has a great time playing against half the people in the store. When Da Girlfriend has been in the ER, Da Hubband has brought him down here to play to keep his mind off of everything, and he's done really well. He's impressed some tournament players with how good he is. It's a great thing.

Today, I'm just tired, because I haven't been sleeping well again. This is nothing new or different, really, but sometimes it affects me more than others. I think my fibro is starting to flare up again, which is going to SERIOUSLY suck for me. I can hope that it'll just be the fatigue and fibro fog, and maybe avoid the pain, but I'm doubting it. My knees are starting to hurt already, so I really think it's gonna be a massively painful flare again. Can I pray that it waits to get good and painful until after my doctor's appt on Tuesday? I go in to see the gyn at the VA to have the IUD I have right now removed, because it's nearing the end of it's life expectancy, and I'm not having a new one put in, because I know the endo has gotten bad again, but without the pain, I have no way of showing them or convincing them to go in and look with surgery to clean it up again. I'm pretty constantly bloated, so much so that I'm having to wear Da Girlfriend's pants to have pants that will fit comfortably. This tells ME that it's gotten bad again. I don't know if they can tell what's going on with an ultrasound or not, but I'm thinking it's not.

Argh, I'm having issues typing with my wonderful tips on, and it's getting frustrating, so I think I'm gonna wrap this up and give up for a while.





previous entry: Think I got it now

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