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Welcome to the Keep
by Dark Priestess

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Been a few days


Holy shit has it been a roller coaster ride this week!

Monday, the Girlfriend had her first OB appt. Went in, the doctor did an ultrasounds, figuring she'd let us see the baby and hear the heartbeat. Well..... She couldn't find the baby, but found a HUGE cyst, that had been 3cm when we were in the ER, but was 5cm that day. So, she tells us that the pregnancy is likely ectopic, and starts preparing us for the termination, setting up an appt for a blood draw yesterday and another appt with her today, basically with plans to terminate today.

Tuesday, Ashe had an appt with WorkSource (unemployment), and while we were waiting for him to finish up, she started hurting really bad, and then went to the bathroom, and there was a LOT of blood. Can we say INSTANT PANIC? Well, she called the doctor, and they squeezed her in for an ultrasound that afternoon. She came out of the exam room GLOWING! We had gone in that day, figuring it was a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, and she came out with the news that THEY FOUND THE BABY! Right where she belongs. The reason the doc couldn't see her is because a) not the best machine, and b) the cyst is blocking. SPEAKING of the cyst.... it was at 7cm at that point... So, we're worried about that rupturing, and trying to figure out what they're going to do about that. Right now, they're taking a wait and see approach to it. They've got her on vicodin for the pain, and we're watching to see if it keeps growing. I'll update here as I know more.

Things with me are ok. He's not ignoring me as much, but, I dunno.... Things still aren't great, but part of that is I have this fantasy of how my marriage is supposed to be, and when it doesn't live up to that, I get all fuckered up in my head.

GOOD news: We got his first unemployment check today. So now I can quit freaking over some of the bills. We'll be able to start paying on them again.

Ok, I think that's about all for now. Things are starting to look up again.

previous entry: In Seattle now, I can write for a while

next entry: Think I got it now

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