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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Womens Issues


So there was this Kotex advertisment on my facebook. I don't normally click the volume button to hear what they're saying, but the caption caught my eye. Do women actually think they can't go swimming while on their period? Is that for real? Also, there are three holes in that whole area, one of which is for urination. How do women not know this either? I sort of get the worry over losing the tampon all up in there, but it's impossible to get passed the cervix, which is wee, so what the hell ladies? If you aren't getting the information in your sexual education classes, ask your mom, or your doctor. We need to remove the stigma of being too terrified of asking questions. You should be more familiar with your biology. Yes, it's a complicated part of your body, but it shouldn't be a mystery.


You shouldn't be surprised when you can pee while having a tampon in. Nor should you think you'lre going to lose your virginity if you use them. If you're uncomfortable asking someone about it, the internet is there waiting. Just, you know, be careful with your wording. Try looking up the anatomy aspect of the female reproductive system. It should help.


Hey, while we're on the topic of our lady bits, if you're having intercourse and you get a feeling like you have to pee, that's an orgasm on its way to bring you joy. Just ride it out and have a grand time. For some reason or another, no one talks about what it feels like when an orgasm is about to arrive. Another taboo topic, I suppose. My mother, despite her many flaws as a parent, has always been open and straightforward. I was lucky enough to know that it's okay to be curious about your own body. I have always been comfortable in my own skin, and I just want everyone else to be that way too. 

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Wanna hear TMI??

I can't have an orgasm if I haven't peed first. Apparently if my bladder has liquid, it comes out when I come.

It baffles me how girls/woman aren't curious enough about their own bodies to even LOOK at themselves. Geeze! [teanahpea] [reply]

Lol I gotta say, that's a weird one. [raen] [reply]

I think today’s parents are more distracted than in the past, and these conversations aren’t happening in the home. Moms especially are just so busy and overworked, and there’s so much grabbing at their attention, that they really don’t think to talk to their daughters about this sort of thing. Or maybe that’s just me. [ Avonlea@ITW] [reply]

You're absolutely right; the lack of time to have these conversations is a big issue. And so much out in the world these days does distract from important things. [raen] [reply]

Yeah I've never understood how women aren't more aware. [Villy] [reply]

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